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About this Game

Are you a fan of escape rooms? These are games that involve solving puzzles so you can literally escape a room you are currently trapped in. Cube Escape Paradox game is one of those fun and mysterious video games that was released in mid-2018. The game can be easily downloaded on the PC for free and the big screen just makes the gaming experience more awesome.

In the game, you will be playing as Dale Vandermeer who is trapped in a room with no memory of how he got there. There are a lot of things you need to figure out in the room by yourself. This is a very interesting and unique game that lets people turn to it to unwind and work their brains out. To immerse yourself and better understand this game, download Cube Escape Paradox free on your desktop PC today and play with friends and family!

How to Get Through The Ominous Rooms in Cube Escape PC

Cube Escape Paradox PC is a room escape type of puzzle game with a simple concept. The gameplay is easy to understand and the controls are not that complicated. You have to solve challenging puzzles to escape the Paradox Room you were trapped in. The puzzles you may find in the game may be in the form of boxes that need to be opened, finding symbols that are a bit hard to find, rearranging the spinal column of a fish, or even as simple as unlocking locks. The game has alternate endings that you may get depending on what actions you have made in the game. This adds excitement to the intricate storyline of the game.

To be able to finish this game, you must make sure that you examine every object in the game. Pay attention to all the text written on the books and files you may find. You will also get to meet the corrupted souls in the game as you go along. They usually roam around Rusty Lake and are believed to extract all negative memories of a victim. Two locations, the Paradox Room and the Forest will be the main settings in the game.

Game Features:

  • Unique gameplay and storyline
  • Two different chapters with exclusive and multiple endings
  • Enjoy the game facilitated with 14 different languages for everyone.
  • Beautiful masterpieces by Johan Scherft in the background.
  • Amazing sound effects and visual display

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