Darkest AFK – IDLE RPG offline
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Darkest AFK - Go On Adventures & Battle Against Monsters

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darkest afk pc download 1
darkest afk gameplay on pc 1
darkest afk free download
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Role-playing games are always fun and exciting to play because of the various elements they provide. However, these game genres can also be a bit complicated for some people because of some game factors. But with Darkest AFK, you won’t have to be overwhelmed because of the simple gameplay. It’s an idle RPG published by Three Wishes Slot Machines Game Studio. In this game, you will get to battle against monsters, go on adventures, and collect characters. But unlike other RPGs, the upgrade system of this game is much simpler and easier to learn. Let’s discuss the gameplay of Darkest AFK in more detail, so you’ll see how fun this game is.

Enjoy the Battles & Adventure in Darkest AFK

Like with many RPGs, Darkest AFK will have you constantly battling various monsters, including epic bosses. You also engage on different quests and journeys while trying to save the world from evil. Enemies become stronger as you progress in the game, so your characters also need to become more powerful. Fortunately, the game’s leveling-up system is simple and easy.

There’s no complex process of duplicate heroes, equipping runes or gems to items, and more. You only need to click a button, and your character will level up. Just make sure you have the resources available. The same goes for equipping gear, just a click of a button will do the trick. This is great since many RPGs can be overwhelming to play with all the different considerations. With Darkest AFK, you can concentrate more on progressing, battling enemies, and acquiring heroes.

Let’s proceed to a more detailed gameplay of this idle RPG in the next section. It will help you to grasp the game mechanics even better.

Getting Started with the Idle RPG

Like most RPGs, Darkest AFK will begin the game with a prologue, followed by a short tutorial. Since this is an idle RPG, your characters will automatically attack enemies. But you’ll still need to click their special skill to activate it. It will light up once it is ready for use. There’s also an auto feature in the game, where your characters will automatically use their skills whenever available.

But it’s unlocked after completing a certain level. Aside from the battle, you also learn how to upgrade your characters. Just click the character you want to upgrade, then click the level up button, then it will already increase your character’s level. Leveling up uses resources, so make sure you have them. For equipping gear, there’s also a button where the strongest available armor for the character will automatically be equipped. This saves you time than equipping them one by one.

Aside from leveling up and equipping gear, you can also recruit characters to build a team. You can also choose from the different characters available. Each character possesses unique skills you can use in battle. Make sure all characters on your team complement each other, so you’ll have a higher chance of winning.

Idle RPG Game Features:

  • Many different characters for you to recruit and use
  • Test your team in the Battle Arena against other player’s team
  • Enjoy other game modes aside from the main story
  • A simple upgrading system makes leveling up easy
  • Your characters will automatically attack enemies
  • Offline Idle role-playing game

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