Death Palette
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Death Palette - Outwit the Enigmatic Painting’s Trick & Survive

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death palette pc download
death palette gameplay on pc
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Have you ever seen yourself as a tinkerer of mysteries around you? Challenge that assumption and immerse yourself in adventures by playing Death Palette. This adventure game will measure the limits of your wits by performing unpredictable artful tasks. Try out this game if you have what it takes to either play the fool or reveal your art. Choose a suitable role to outwit the riddles of every artful task.

Survive the Gloomy Studio With Your Wits

Death Palette is a text-based adventure game developed and published by SleepingMuseum. This game will take you to a gloomy studio where you’ll find yourself trapped for 7 days. In this place, you have no other interaction but only one playful object. We only use the word “playful” here because this object has a magic trick. It’s a magical cursed painting of a girl who has a smirky face. Her trick is to tell you something that will either save or kill your life. She already spares the lives of her past victims, and she will not hesitate to do the same with you.

Let’s say, you absolutely have no idea what she’s capable of doing next. Your objective in the game is to follow her instructions and use your artistic wits. This does not come easy, as there will be tricks that will come your way. Whatever those are, always remember to search for cues to survive the gloomy studio on time.

Finish Every Painting Task

Death Palette immerses you in a text-based mystery gameplay experience. In this game, you will face an ironic enemy you treat as your master. She’s the magical girl portrayed in the painting, cursed to isolate herself in a gloomy studio. Your objective in the game is to listen to her and help her from the awful curse. It would be a heroic deed, but you should not forget one vital fact. Upsetting her can cost you your dear life, and she will not hesitate to do that. Deal with her with all your wits by following each instruction she gives.

In Death Palette, your main task is to deal with the wants of this enigmatic painting. It sounds easy enough to do, but your task already has its own history. Many victims of this painting are now dead, and you’re dealing with the same fate. You should rely on their experiences for you to survive every tricky instruction. There will be notes to encounter while playing the game that says their testimonies. Rely on these notes to give yourself the exact insight on how to deal with the painting. From there, outwit the instructions given to you and survive.

Death Palette Game Features to Enjoy

  • An immersive text-based adventure gameplay experience
  • Survive a gloomy studio where a scary painting resides
  • Deal with the painting with your playful interaction
  • Read the notes of past victims to have a clue
  • Follow each painting’s instruction to progress the game

Play Death Palette on your PC today. If you’re fond of playing adventure games, check out The Silent Age and Pechka – Story Adventure Game.




How to Install

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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