Diamond Dash Match 3: Award-Winning Matching Game Download Free PC Games on Gameslol
Diamond Dash Match 3: Award-Winning Matching Game Best PC Games

Diamond Dash Match 3: Award-Winning Matching Game


Diamond Dash Match 3: Award-Winning Matching Game Download Free PC Games on Gameslol

Download Diamond Dash Match 3: Award-Winning Matching Game | Free Online Rainbow Dash Yellow Diamond Game for PC

The game everyone is talking about is here! Wooga Games is going to take you to the bedazzling world of awesome jewel games in Diamond Dash Match 3: Award-Winning Matching Game. The amazingly simple gameplay will make you addicted in no time. Match 3 gems of the same color by tapping one block to another until your fingers are sore! This game is a perfect way to relax your tired mind from a very busy day. don’t miss the fun as you collect rainbow and yellow diamonds in this free Diamond Dash Match 3 commercial video game!

If you have played Bejeweled before, the more dynamic and frenetic twist of Diamond Dash Match 3: Award-Winning Matching Game will keep your finger on the mouse of your PC for hours. Download Diamond Dash Match 3: Award-Winning Matching Game now. Join the millions of players who have enjoyed the award-winning matching game for PC!


Free Diamond Dash Match 3: Award-Winning Matching Game Features:

Join the Global Tournament

Diamond Dash Match 3: Award-Winning Matching Game is one of the first free arcade games to incorporate a global multiplayer league system. With this, players can compete with more than 170 million players from all over the world. This innovative system will match players with equal skill so you know you are in your own league. Work your way from the Bronze, Silver and Gold league and become the world’s best gem-matcher.


miss diamond dash video


Create Your Own Dream Team

Not only can you work your way to the top of the leaderboards, but you can also invite your friends to experience the same fun and excitement as you download Diamond Dash Match 3: Award-Winning Matching Game. Create an awesome team with the best players among your friends and participate in global team tournaments. Collaborate with your friends and have endless hours of fun in this ground-breaking social game for PC. You can also win new friends in team battle tournaments.


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You Against the Clock

Diamond Dash Match 3: Award-Winning Matching Game features an addictive element where you can have the power of destruction whenever you are able to destroy groups of gems at a consistent speed. That means that the more gems you match in one minute, the more power-ups will be unlocked and the higher scores you get. Can you do all of it in 60 seconds?


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Earn Some of the Coolest Rewards

Take part in the weekly arcade and win cool rewards such as upgrades, magic skills, combos, and more! This free to play game offers the coolest power-ups that you can use to upgrade your gameplay when you watch the Diamond Dash game commercials. Complete all the amazing rewards in the Sixty Second Match 3 Puzzle and the many other different competitions you can join. Enjoy the blasting and thrilling gameplay of miss diamond dash video game commercial for free! Learn diamond and Albert diamond rug tricks as you read below.


Diamond Dash Match 3: Award-Winning Matching Game Tips and Tricks:

Aim for Longer Connections

While it is clear in the title that matching 3 gems of the same color is the primary mechanic of the game. This is slow in the long run and won’t award you any bonus score. If you want to get higher scores, it is best to try and build larger chains by matching as many adjacent gems as you can. In this way, you can get a big load of bonus points in just one go.


How to Use Miss Diamond Dash Video Game Magic Diamond

Whenever you make matches, the Diamond meter on your screen will increase. Whenever you try an invalid match or move slowly, the diamond meter drop slightly. But if your meter reaches the top of the bar, a magic diamond will be rewarded on your screen. Activate your Magic Diamond by clicking on the diamond and an entire row or column of gems will be cleared. You can also get the rainbow dash and yellow diamonds for bonuses.


diamond dash


Get More Points with the Fire Mode

Make every click or tap count by matching gems as fast as you can. By doing this, you will be rewarded with Fire Mode. This will set the borders on fire making all your moves explode and generate bigger points.

Create waves of beautiful sparkles of gems in Diamond Dash Match 3: Award-Winning Matching Game. Download now for free! Check out more brain-teasing arcade games such as Minesweeper and Snake VS Block!

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