Dragon Tamer
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Download Dragon Tamer Game Online & Conquer the Dragon Realms

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dragon tamer full version
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dragon tamer download PC free
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Welcome to Dragon Tamer, an exhilarating turn-based strategy game that will put your skills as a dragon tamer to the ultimate test. Prepare yourself for a thrilling adventure where you’ll embark on a quest to tame and master the art of dragonery.

In Dragon Tamer, you’ll enter a vibrant world teeming with rare and powerful dragons waiting to be discovered. It is your duty to collect dragon eggs, nurture them, and raise them into magnificent creatures. With careful breeding and training, you can unlock new species and abilities, creating a league of unstoppable dragons under your command.

Build, Decorate & Conquer in Dragon Tamer!

The game offers a range of exciting features to explore. Build and expand your very own Dragon Island paradise, where you can create a haven for your dragons and decorate it to your heart’s desire. Participate in new events and daily quests, where you can side with your loyal dragons and showcase your skills.

Dragon Tamer boasts an impressive collection of over 100 unique dragons for you to collect. Each dragon possesses its own distinct traits and abilities, making the process of discovery and collection all the more thrilling. Experiment with breeding combinations to create new and extraordinary dragon species, expanding the possibilities and strengthening your lineup.

Craft Your Legendary Dragon Empire with Dragon Tamer Game

As a player, you’ll begin by building and expanding your Dragon Island paradise, where you’ll create a sanctuary for your dragons. Customize and decorate your island to reflect your unique style. Engage in thrilling events and daily quests, aligning yourself with your loyal dragons as you showcase your skills. With over 100 unique dragons to collect, carefully manage your collection, discovering their distinct traits and abilities.

Experiment with breeding combinations to unlock new and extraordinary dragon species, further enhancing your lineup. Strategize, train, and lead your dragons to victory in epic battles against other Dragon Tamers from around the globe. With every decision you make, you’ll inch closer to becoming the ultimate Dragon Tamer.

Unleash Your Dragon Mastery with These Features

  • Build and expand your Dragon Island paradise.
  • Customize and decorate your island.
  • Engage in thrilling events and quests.
  • Collect over 100 unique dragons.
  • Experiment with breeding combinations.
  • Strategize, train, and battle against other Dragon Tamers.

Play and download Dragon Tamer for free today! Dive into the world of dragon simulation and experience the joy of building your Dragon Island, collecting unique dragons, and battling against opponents. If you’re hungry for more dragon-filled fun, explore Dragons: Rise of Berk and DragonVale. Join the dragon-loving community now and let the adventure begin!




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Minimum System Requirements

You can install Games.lol on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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