Merge Dragons!
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Merge Dragons! – A Fun Merge Puzzle Game About Dragons

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merge dragons pc download
merge dragons for pc
merge dragons free pc download
merge dragons gameplay on pc
merge dragons pc download

If you love dragons, then you are going to enjoy Merge Dragons! PC. Dragon-merging is one of the best games to play on your computer. It’s a game where you can become a dragon master with your friends and discover tons of treasures as you match dragon eggs and merge them!

Become a Master Dragon Merger

Explore the realm of Merge Dragons to find a beautiful place filled with mystery and fun! Combine everything to create greater, more potent goods on your adventure. The story starts when the valley of Dragonia flourished in a mythical place concealed by clouds. Then malicious Zomblins threw a void over the valley. But with your miraculous ability to match anything, including dragon eggs, treasure, stars, miraculous flowers, and even mythological creatures, you can save the land. Do whatever you can do, the only hope for the healing of the land is in your hands.

To produce helpful dragons, match the eggs, then develop them to get more potent dragons! Find solutions to difficult puzzle levels by matching the Gaia figurines, then return the winnings to your Encampment to gather and expand. Match more with Kala’s daily tasks and rewards. Every two weeks, take part in fresh event themes and finish a fun puzzle.

Explore the World of Dragons on PC

Interested in making the most of Merge Dragons? Here are a few quick techniques to make more money, advance more quickly, and have much more fun. There are two methods for moving things, you may click or drag them using your mouse. Alternatively, you can click to choose them and then click on a free space to place them.

Your dragons can be dropped onto the things you desire them to eat out of or damage by dragging and dropping them there. To have a Dragon gather Life Essence, for instance, drop it onto a Life Flower. Alternately, drop it on a Zomblin cave so that it will obliterate it. Something that you may not expect to match up is possible. You can match things like coins, goal stars, stone bricks, dragon stars, dragon gems, and even chests, for instance.

When completing a level’s missions, you can get additional dragon gems. A Purple Dragon Star instead of a typical, yellow star will fall to the ground. You can use them to obtain Dragon Gems. Dragon Stars, however, are relatively uncommon. Up to three can fall at once, but after that, they will not show up.

Knowing about Dragon Homes is another of your priorities. Your island’s Dragon Homes are a crucial component since they provide places for the Dragons to rest. After harvesting one, two, three, etc. times, each Dragon must rest to keep harvesting, depending on its level. The Dragon’s Stamina is the name for this. As numerous Dragons might occupy the same home, it’s crucial to establish at least one home early on in the game.

If you have numerous homes than dragons, you should begin merging the small houses into larger ones. The amount of time it takes the Dragon’s Stamina to refill decreases with the level of the House.

Merge with These Exciting Features:

  • Complete many challenging puzzles
  • Discover and collect a plethora of dragon breeds
  • Multiple objects and items to collect
  • Solid social structure
  • Get additional dragon gems by completing all level’s mission

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How to Install

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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