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About this Game

Experience a unique title that lets you use your imagination to its fullest potential. This adventure game gives you the ability to create wonderful images and see them affect the world!

Set in a cartoonish environment that is both lively and dangerous, you embark on a quest to discover secrets and vanquish enemies. You can also try to solve different puzzles by doodling items to interact with tons of in-world objects.

Draw Your Own All-Powerful Hero

Your journey begins after you have sketched your ideal stickman hero and your buddy. The two of you begin to explore the drawn world. Unfortunately, your buddy wanders too far into the dangerous side of the map where the vile Zarp lurks. It’s up to your hero to brave Zarp’s lair and rescue your buddy from his evil grasp!

Ever the wily mastermind, Zarp has set tons of traps and obstacles to deter you from rescuing your buddy. But he didn’t foresee that you have a set of magical pencils that can let you draw a variety of objects! For example, if you come across a stick of dynamite that you need to light, you can use your fire pencil to set it ablaze.

Subsequent puzzles in the game will require you to think out of the box, but thankfully your set of fire, cloud, key, ax, and armor pencils are always at your disposal. Use the correct combinations of these pencils to solve more complex puzzles and defeat more formidable monsters. The wonderful cartoon world awaits you and your boundless imagination. Download and play Draw a Stickman to see how far your imagination will take you!

Draw a Stickman: EPIC Free PC Game Features

  • Create your own Stickman design
  • Unlock different colors for your character
  • Draw solutions to solve different puzzles
  • Animate various objects to explore the map
  • Free to play

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