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About this Game

Do racing games give you that much-needed adrenaline rush? You might not have the opportunity to join races in real life, but you can get the full experience by playing Drive Ahead! However, do note that this racing game is more than just mere racing. That’s because there’s a lot of high-paced action and destruction involved! You are free to wreck cars and monster trucks that come your way.

Drive Ahead: Easy & Fantastic Gameplay

Drive Ahead has a fairly easy game structure that anyone can play with. You get to choose different game modes that would suit your level and gameplay preference. The controls are very easy to use as well because you only have two things to think of — moving forward and backward. You can also choose between racing against AI or challenging a real friend via multiplayer mode!

Remember, you can also crash into your opponent’s car during races. But be careful, because your opponents can also crash and wreck your car too! The location of the races does not just happen in typical roads, you may also race with moving beams and even encounter towers and fireworks along the way.

Join the Battle Arena

As you race along with different types of cars, you can also head on to the battle arena and show your battle skills. Equip yourself with blades, saws, and other weapons in order to emerge victorious in the battle arena. Also, win all rounds by smashing your opponent’s helmet and cars at the same time. Another option would be to have your opponent’s vehicle trip or crash on their own. To do this, you have to confuse your opponent so they would lose control. You may also push them towards the edge of the stage because a car that goes off the stage will lose the round. Make your way to race and smash unworthy racers in the Drive Ahead arena!

So, forget about hacks and cheats, use your force and cunning to win games in Drive Ahead! free unblocked sports game for PC. If you want more racing games, check out CSR Classic and Crazy Wheels.

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