Driving Zone: Russia
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Enjoy Racing In The Streets of Russia In Driving Zone: Russia

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Have you always wanted to experience what it’s like to race in the streets? Driving fast and overtaking slow cars left and right during rush hour traffic? Then try playing Driving Zone: Russia, a casual racing simulation game published by AveCreation. In this game, you’ll get to experience what it’s like to race in the streets. The best is you won’t just be racing in any street, but the streets of Russia.

That’s right, you’ll get to race on the streets of Russia, using vehicles that are available in the country. It’s a fun and exciting game that you’ll enjoy playing. Let’s discuss what you can expect from Driving Zone: Russia.

Drive the Streets of Russia

When you play Driving Zone: Russia, one of the things that you can expect here is to do a lot of driving. You will drive using vehicles produced in Russia. This includes classic cars, up to the modern ones available. What’s great about this game is it simulates a real-life driving experience. You’ll be driving on the streets that are also full of vehicles left and right.

But since this is a street racing game, you’re encouraged to drive recklessly. This means driving as fast as you can and swerving between cars, overtaking them as much as possible. Doing this will also result in rewards for you and the riskier the overtake, the more rewards you can get. The rewards you will earn can then be used to purchase new vehicles.

Of course, driving recklessly won’t be without any repercussions. You have to avoid getting into accidents or you will lose a life. You will only have three lives before it becomes game over, so you have to drive as carefully as possible. Let’s now talk about the gameplay of this fun game.

How Do You Street Race in Driving Zone: Russia?

Driving Zone: Russia is unlike many other games out there since there won’t be a thorough tutorial here. What you’ll get instead, before you start driving, is a brief explanation of how you can earn rewards. There will also be a short explanation about avoiding getting into accidents. After that, you can start driving. It’s easy to figure out how you’ll drive because the controls are self-explanatory already.

The drive is automatic, so you don’t have to worry about gear shifting. You just need to worry about the gas, brake, and going left and right. There are also other aspects of the vehicle that Driving Zone: Russia simulated like the car horn, blinker, wipers, headlights, taillights, etc. These things will come in handy in certain races, but most of the time you just have to worry about accelerating, braking, and going left or right.

You will have two classic vehicles available to use. The rest, you have to purchase using the rewards you gain. So, if you want to try newer vehicles, you need to keep on racing to purchase more.

Game Features of Driving Zone: Russia

  • Use classic and modern vehicles produced in Russia
  • Race in various streets across the country
  • Enjoy the modern and beautiful graphics of the game
  • Experience realistic car physics to simulate real-life driving

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