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Ultimate Car Driving Simulator

Sir Studios

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About this Game

Turn on the car, release the hand brake and accelerate yourself in a fun and unique driving school game. Ultimate Car Driving Simulator takes you out on a spin with the coolest way possible on getting a license. Roam throughout the city with sleek rides, go off-road with the toughest 4x4s, and gain top speed with the fastest cars. Get the Ultimate Driving Simulator game download here and experience the game online on PC. Oh, and it’s free to play too.

Pedal to Mettle… Safely

Enjoy fast rides but with a hint of safety precautions in Ultimate Car Driving Simulator. After all, you’re still in driving school, and the only way to pass is to complete the given objectives. These objectives will determine your capacity as a driver and how good you are on the road. There are no competing racers here; just you, your driving skills, the timer, and multiple scores. Can you handle the pressure?

Driving Made Simpler in Ultimate Car Driving Simulator

While the game has basic driving that you should take note of, the controls are far easier and more streamlined compared to heavier titles on the PC. It even includes an auto accelerate mode too if you want to make the game even easier and cheese your way out to finish all the missions immediately.

Lots to Unlock

Cars, cities, venues and other locales are waiting for you to unlock them in Ultimate Car Driving Simulator. The more you progress, the more you earn newer and shinier rewards. Plus, they can all be unlocked for free.
Ultimate Car Driving Simulator Unique Challenges

As you keep on playing, you get to unlock new challenges that will test you as a driver. The longer you play, the harder the challenges become. Only the best drivers can move onto the more daunting Can you take the heat?

Ultimate Car Driving Simulator Game Features:

    • Experience Real Driving Physics in the Match
    • Move through the race with the best sound effects available.
    • Select different cars for you to play.
    • Get a chance to customize and design your own car
    • Free to Play on your computer!

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