Dungeon Knight
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Dungeon Knight - Become A Strong Hero & Stop The Armageddon

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A simple but fun and exciting RPG that you can play is Dungeon Knight on PC. It’s an idle RPG by mobirix where you only have one goal in the game and that’s to get stronger and stronger. You want to get stronger because you want to prevent Armageddon from taking place. Your character already failed during Armageddon. But instead of dying, he was sent back in time, three years before the catastrophe.

And with this second chance, you now try to become as strong as you can defeat the monster attack. A fun and entertaining game that you’ll enjoy playing. Let’s talk more about the gameplay of Dungeon Knight to know what you’ll do.

Upgrade & Equip Powerful Gear On Your Hero

The goal in Dungeon Knight is to get stronger. And to do that you will need to upgrade and develop your hero. It’s going to be your focus throughout the game. Since this is an idle game, you can automate your hero’s attack. It’s important to do since you will continuously encounter monster attacks. Automating your hero’s attack means you can concentrate more on getting stronger.

You can upgrade various things with your hero, but you’ll start with stats and skills. As you progress and reach certain milestones, other upgrade options become available. Upgrades cost resources and you earn them by defeating monsters. Dungeon Knight also features boss battles that will allow you to increase the stage after defeating a boss. As an idle game, your character will continue to attack even when you’re offline. So, expect to get resources when you log back in the game.

Getting Stronger Against Monster Attacks in Dungeon Knight

Getting stronger in Dungeon Knight is simple but not easy. You will need to upgrade and equip powerful gear on your hero to become stronger. The game features many different upgrade categories available but you’ll start with only two categories, stats and skills. You get stronger whenever you upgrade the various stats available. But keep in mind that the cost of upgrading increases. It won’t be much of an issue early on. But as you start to get to the higher upgrades, the increasing cost becomes a problem.

Good thing monsters also become stronger as you defeat bosses. So this means you can expect more resources from them. For the gears and character class, relics, and pets you’ll need to summon. It costs gems to summon, which you earn as you play. The summon uses the gacha system, which means you can’t always expect to get the good stuff. Though gears, character classes, relics, and pets are important, it’s upgrades that provide the most results. You can also choose to test your hero against other players in the PVP arena.

Action-Packed Dungeon Knight Online Game Features

  • Simple idle gameplay where your character attacks automatically
  • Different upgrade options are available
  • Chat with other players in real-time
  • Battle other heroes in the arena to see how strong your hero is
  • A fun but challenging game where your goal is to get strong

If you enjoy playing this type of idle RPG, you can check out Psychic Idle, which provides similar gameplay. Another fun idle RPG you can play is Idle Death Knight. These and more are available here in Games.lol.




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