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Speed Through Hordes of Zombies on Earn to Die 2

Put your driving skills and zombie-fighting abilities to the test on Earn to Die 2! This high-octane racing game lets you drive around town in a run-down car with just a small amount of cash to travel. It may not be your idea of a road trip, but hey—there are lots of zombies to bash and run over along the way!

It is not the usual racing game where you just have to beat the time or endure loopy tracks and rough paths. In this game, there are collapsed bridges and factories full of zombies. Your mission is to overcome all these roadblocks and beat zombies in your path. Are you brave enough? Download Earn to Die 2 on your PC today!

Drive Through Hordes of Zombies

Earn to Die 2 is a game that does not only get you past boring days, but it will make you want to play it the whole time! It is addicting and perfect to share with family and friends. At first look, it may just seem like any racing game but once you pass by a road flocked by zombies, that’s when the real action starts!

Since there is no way to avoid most of these zombies, all you have to do is zoom and smash them with your car. It is a game for survival so you have to go all the way to the other side of the country and ride on that evacuation ship. Sounds pretty easy right? But these zombies just won’t budge. So you need to level up your vehicle to make sure it withstands every difficult level.

Unlock New Badass Vehicles

Earn to Die 2 will give you a basic but run-down car at the beginning of the game. But as you progress further, you can start unlocking some serious, zombie-smashing rides! There are vehicles that allow you to have ammo for shooting down freaky zombies on the way.

You also need to focus on improving the engine and transmission. Most importantly, you need to upgrade and fill up the fuel tank to make sure your ride makes it to the destination. Load it up so you won’t run out of gas in the middle of a zombie apocalypse!

How to Download This Zombie Car Game on PC

Downloading and installing Earn to Die 2 on your own PC is very easy and convenient. You simply need to go to the Game Download portion of this page and click the “Play Now” button. Once you do, the download and installation of Earn to Die 2 on your PC will automatically start. Just look at the screenshot sample below for reference.

When the installer is done downloading and installing, you will be able to race on and smash those zombies to survive! And yes, this game download is free for PC. Surely, you are already itching to play the game. So get your free Earn to Die 2 PC download now! Plus, we have more zombie games just for you. Why don’t you check out Into the Dead and LifeAfter?

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earntodie2 baricade
earntodie2 map
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