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Evil Nun: Scary Horror Game Adventure

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About this Game

Evil Nun is a must-play for those who enjoy playing horror-survival games. It has heart-stopping graphics, sound effects, and eerie gameplay. These will surely put you in a tight spot when playing the game on your PC! Just make sure to prepare your heart for the scary parts and tighten your core. Only the ones with the strongest heart will win in Evil Nun!

Also, it has lots of puzzles for you to solve. You must unveil them to progress in the game. There are so many terrifying mysteries waiting for you in Evil Nun. You will only find out if you download this free game today!

Evil Nun: Scary Horror Game Adventure

Evil Nun is a horror escape room type of game. The goal of the game is to escape the school before she kills you. For you to do this, you must solve different puzzles. These puzzles use different items that you have to search from the rooms in the school. Lastly, you are given five days to escape the school.

Every time the evil nun catches you, you lose a day and wake up in the same starting area the next day. To defend yourself, you may use a weapon in the game. One of those is the dynamite doll which can be used to knock out the evil nun for sixty seconds. But obtaining the weapon will not be easy. You would need to find items within the school that will be used to assemble into the dynamite doll.

Always Be Careful & Watch Out

Since the main goal of Evil Nun is to escape the school alive, there is one thing that you must remember. Keep in mind that the evil nun has a very sensitive hearing. She will hear any sound you make in the game. If she hears you, she will go after you.

If you make a sound and she goes after you, make sure to stealthily escape from her. Just look for areas like closets, cupboards, or lockers to hide into. But make sure first that when you are about to hide, she does not see you hide in them. If she sees you, she will still find you and kill you.

Whenever the evil nun sees you, she will scream loudly before she comes after you. This is a good indicator that she is near you and it would be best to quickly hide. But just make sure she doesn’t see you going into your hiding spot!

Game Features

  • Keep on running away and never get caught by the Evil Nun
  • Solve many puzzles and mysteries
  • Enjoy the eerie yet amazing gameplay
  • Pick up bendy weapons to save your soul

Share Evil Nun with your friends and give them the scare of a lifetime. Do you fancy horror games? Slendrina: The School and Horror [REC] will scare your wits out!


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