Granny 3
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Granny 3 – Try to Survive & Get Out Of The House Within 5 Days

granny 3 download free
granny 3 download full version
granny 3 download pc free
granny 3 download PC
granny 3 download free
granny 3 download full version
granny 3 download pc free
granny 3 download PC

Granny and Grandpa are back, and they brought along someone to help them, Slendrina. This is what you’ll face when you play Granny 3, a horror arcade game developed by DVloper. In this game, granny and grandpa live in a new home with their granddaughter Slendrina. This means that you’ll have to deal with another scary person when you’re trying to escape from granny’s house. Granny Chapter 3 is an exciting and scary game that you will surely enjoy playing. Let’s discuss in the next section the new thing that you can expect when you play Granny 3.

What’s New on Granny 3

The gameplay of Granny 3 is still similar to previous iterations of the game. You’re kidnapped and imprisoned in a house that you need to escape from within 5 days. The house will be full of traps and puzzles that you need to solve so you can run. Granny is still a person who can hear almost everything and will instantly rush towards the sound direction. And grandpa still has a hard time hearing things.

What’s new in Granny 3, though, is that grandpa holds a shotgun and likes to shoot on anything that moves. The house is also unique, which means you’ll have to spend some time exploring it and discover its secret. Expect to stumble and get lost a few times when you first play the game. So, don’t think that you can quickly solve the riddle of the locks and make a quick exit to safety.

And of course, there’s also Slendrina, their granddaughter. She’s a character that will be hard to deal with in Granny 3. This is because she doesn’t react to sounds or movements like the other two. She is a character that will show up from time to time, which means you won’t really know when. She also has a killer gaze, making it even more difficult for you to escape the house.

You can still hide under beds, sofas, or inside closets to avoid her. But since you never know when she’ll show up in Granny 3, it’s hard to really prepare for her. It’s an exciting and scary horror game that you will definitely enjoy playing. Despite the frightening nature of the game, you’ll still find yourself playing it for hours, trying to find ways to escape.

The Features of this Horror Arcade Game

  • Avoid Granny, Grandpa, and Slendrina as you try to escape
  • Explore the big house to look for clues to unlock doors
  • A simple, yet challenging and scary gameplay.
  • Free to play and download on PC
  • Test your patience and skills in the game

If you enjoy playing horror games like Granny 3, then you can also try Slendrina 2D or Escape Impossible Revenge. Both are fun and scary games you can play. Catch more games here for free on your PC!




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