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Experiment Z – Zombie

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About this Game

Are you one of those Arma fans who are itching for Day-Z to leave early access? If you are, why not settle for a more lightweight but similarly immersive game for now? Why not try Cataclysm DDA?  If DDA’s outdated graphics style turns you off, download Experiment Z – Zombie PC game for free instead!


What Is the Game Like?

This is is an open-world zombie survival game similar to Day-Z. The only difference is the lightweight nature that this Experiment Z – Zombie offer to PC gamers. Not to mention that it is completely free!


Play with Friends in Experiment Z – Zombie

Because the game is online, you can play with your friends and survive together in a gigantic open-world map.  Scavenge together. Survive together. Kill together. If you dare, kill other survivors together!


Open-World Gameplay

The open-world nature of Experiment Z – Zombie allows you to roam aboard your favorite vehicle and on foot. You are free to choose which house to loot and which items to take! Find a shelter before the sunsets! Otherwise, you will end up struggling for your life in the middle of the night. Get your free game download now! You can also get your hands on tons of zombie games like SAS: Zombie Assault 4 and Zombie Hunter Sniper: Apocalypse Shooting Games when you visit our game pages.

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