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Fidget Spinner Download Free PC Games on Gameslol

Fidget Spinner Free PC Download | Fidget Spinner Toys Custom Trick Videos

>You must have seen it on the web, but if you haven’t touched, seen, or played with a Fidget Spinner then you must have been living under a rock. Here is your chance to join the latest and addictive craze from the comfort of your own PC. Words Mobile is bringing you the most popular gadget in the world with the online Fidget Spinner game for PC. Show your fidget spinner tricks to the world and earn medals and IO in this modern take to the fidget spinner toy.

In this highly-entertaining game, you can now join the hype-train even if you don’t have access to the real thing. This virtual version of the popular toy will let you enjoy spinning your own Fidget Spinner while earning coins and getting a high score. Give in to the craze! Download the game now and have a good spin!


Fidget Spinner Game Features:


fidget spinner


Perform a Variety of Tricks with Your Fidget Spinner

If you have not heard yet, the toy was originally made for people dealing with stress, nervousness, and attention disorders. It was created to help those people cope with their situation. But millions of people found pure bliss spinning it in their two fingers. The mesmerizing motion of playing this toy can be experienced virtually by playing an online game. You can now perform various tricks on your Fidget Spinner with the use of your mouse. Make it rotate as many times as possible and play your favorite game on your own PC to your heart’s content. You can also get custom wallpapers of your own metal Fidget Spinner.


fidget spinner game


Choose From Dozens of Fidget Spinner

Gather the largest spinner collection and play with all types of spinners imaginable. Fidget Spinner game has the most dynamic and wide variations of spinners to choose from. Collect spinners of all shapes and sizes and have fun making it go round and round. 2 blades, 6 blades, your options are near endless. The game has spinners of every color and pattern. The Fidget Spinners featured in this game are all vibrant and detailed. The neon graphics glow with every spin and you’ll never have a dull moment playing this simulator game.


fidget spinner io


Keep Entertained with PVP and Mini Game Modes

Have hours of endless fun playing the game as you can also compete with other spinner enthusiasts in the PvP mode. Find out who can come out with the highest number of rotations in a limited amount of time. You can also play some mini-games and earn coins that you can use to unlock even more spinner models and skins. Earn as many coins as you can and buy the best spinner. Take home the title of the Best Fidget Spinner in the World!


Fidget Spinner Tips and Tricks:

How to Work on Your Mouse

If it is your first time to play Fidget Spinner, you might find that controlling your mouse can get a little challenging. The trick to playing this simulator game is to hold the left mouse button then moving your mouse forward and backward endlessly. Simple as that, stopping the spinner isn’t rocket science either. Right-clicking on the side of your screen will stop the spinner from rotating. You can set custom actions in the game so that you can control your fidget spinner with ease.


Want to Reach Unbelievable Speeds?

The goal of this game is to make your spinner rotate as many times as possible. Every level has a rotation bar that you have to fill in order to move on to the next. Each level is approximately 150 rotations. If you want to reach a higher number of rotations, you must wait for your Fidget Spinner to get really slow before spinning it again. It is useless to keep your mouse from moving back and forth because it will not complete the entire spin. See if you can break the records in Fidget Spinner and collect medals and IO as rewards.


fidget spinner tricks


Earn Coins and Buy Upgrades!

Spin your Fidget Spinner as many times as you can and earn coins so you can buy upgrades for your toy. Increase your spinner’s speed and rotation by buying different power-ups. If you don’t have enough coins to purchase the speed and rotation upgrade, prioritize the power upgrade first since it can help a lot in the game. You can also buy the best metal Fidget Spinner for medals and IO and be the best spinner in the world! Check out some of the Fidget Spinner videos available to see what’s in store for you.

Download Fidget Spinner today and prepare your finger for a lot of flicking, twisting and balancing! Try out some more arcade games like Smash Hit and Cooking Fever!

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Click the downloaded file at the bottom of your screen.
Click "Yes" on the system dialog window to start of your game installation.
Once download is completed, the game will start automatically.

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