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Smash the Office – Stress Fix

Tuokio Oy

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About this Game


Let’s face it — adult life is exhausting! If you’re like Steve Snaps who’s about to explode because of stress, then you’ve got to check out this game from Tuokio Oy. Smash the Office – Stress Fix game is an action game. It also serves as a simulation role-playing game as you will play as Steve Snaps, the game’s protagonist.

Steve works hard. Now, he wants to smash hard! Wanting to release himself from the slavery of the office machines around him, he snaps and goes wild! Now, your goal is to help Steve destroy his lonely office. While you do that, this this game will also help you let out your own stress! Ready to start smashing? Before you get the free Smash the Office – Stress Fix download, read about its features first!


Use Massively Destructive Weapons

With all of Steve’s rage, he begins to flip tables and smash things with his bare hands. He also kicks items around. But to give him more destructive power, you are given access to a neat collection of destructive weapons! You can choose between a sledgehammer, chainsaw, katana, ax, and baseball bat, among other powerful destruction tools. These weapons will help you destroy items faster and give you score boosts!


Smash Your Way Up to the Executive Suites

When you get the Smash the Office – Stress Fix play, you will start at Steve’s workstation. Eventually, as you smash your way from room to room, you will reach the executive offices. This means more rooms and office items and machines to destroy!


Relieve Stress Easily With Smash the Office – Stress Fix Play

Also, the Smash the Office – Stress Fix PC wasn’t created to simply exhibit violence. The idea behind the game is to give players an outlet to release pent-up stress. Of course, you can’t smash your real office as Steve Snaps does! If you’re looking for a fun and engaging way to chill and relieve stress, this game is for you! Get the Smash the Office – Stress Fix PC or Mac game now!

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