FIE Swordplay
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FIE Swordplay PC - Your Interesting Exploit in the World of Fencing

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Are you dreaming about trying fencing? Do you wish to learn its basics? Well, why settle with daydreaming if you can actually try it on FIE Swordplay. Take note that this sports game is famous for being the first fencing sport you can play on PC. With the approval and undying support of the International Fencing Federation, you can ensure that all movements and skills in this game are accurate and professional.

Published by FIE, FIE Swordplay offers a series of courses suitable for beginners and even professionals. After immersing yourself in the fencing course, you’ll get a chance to apply what you’ve learned by participating in various compelling tournaments, either opposing an AI or even real players across the world.

FIE Swordplay – Your Exploit as an Aspiring Fencing Superstar

As mentioned above, FIE Swordplay is suitable for everybody, whether you’re new to the sport or already a professional one. But, if you’re still a novice and wish to be an aspiring fencing player, you must not miss the training game mode. Here, you’ll get a chance to undergo special training and coaching sessions on how to play fencing.

Under the training mode, you’ll get to know the proper way to move your body from attack and defense. Also, it will train you in the right timing to step forward and step back. Furthermore, you’ll be informed on how to correctly do inclination and other skills on how to utilize your sword and how to lay them against your opponent effectively.

The special courses and training don’t stop with the basics of FIE Swordplay. Here, you’ll be taught the most efficient techniques you can use in your real battles that can take down your opponents. Additionally, you’ll learn the effective tactics to let your opponent lose its balance and how to defeat them in the quickest possible way.

Aside from learning the basics and possible techniques in playing fencing, FIE Swordplay also introduces the combat regulations and rules about punishment. Like other games, fencing also has a set of rules and regulations. To be a good player, you need to make sure that you’ll follow the general perceptions of the sport.

Show Your Worth Against Opponents

After taking the training mode in FIE Swordplay, you should test your skills by taking the battle mode against any kind of opponent. What’s more impressive about this sports game is that it allows you to choose your opponent. You can freely select an AI opponent or test your prowess in various tournaments. If you’re a beginner, it will be highly suggested that you try the AI opponent first. But if you think you’re good enough and confident with your present fencing skills, you can join tournaments.

Apart from the training and coaching sessions in FIE Swordplay, it’s highly recommended that you look forward to equipping yourself with upgradeable masks and vests in each battle. If you wish to test what these items can do for you, you can do so by immersing yourself in a PvE campaign or adaptive PvP mode.

FIE Swordplay Sports Game Features Worth Checking

  • A fun and engaging fencing sports game
  • The first fencing sport playable on PC
  • Suitable for any kind of players
  • Hone your skills in various training and coaching sessions
  • Test your skills on different game modes – PvE Campaign and Asynchronous PvP Modes
  • Equip your character with upgradeable vests and masks

Are you thrilled with the fantastic gameplay and features of FIE Swordplay? Well, you might consider trying out other engaging sports games here in For your reference, you can download games like Skeet Shooting 3D and Fishing Mania 3D on your PC for free.




How to Install

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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