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Enter the fray with guns blazing in this high-octane adrenaline-pumped action game.  In the game, you can play as either elite counter-terrorist operatives or armed terrorists out to make the world burn.  Forward Assault throws you into a selection of maps ranging from the urban settings to the snowy mountains and everything in between. With a multitude of your favorite military-grade weapons at your disposal, jump into the action with confidence and the intent of shoot to kill. Defend the area from the threat of terrorism. Or, push together with your team of highly trained terrorist to bomb the target. Play a classic team deathmatch where the team with the highest number of kills at the end of the time limit wins it all. Let the bloodlust take over and join the action-packed arena of Forward Assault.


Forward Assault Game Features:

As a straight-up combat shooting game, Forward Assault sprinkles a few differences here and there. From its private gaming to its elite leaderboard the game boasts of something new to offer fans of the game genre. To learn more about the game’s other features, just read below:


Classic Game Modes On Multiple Maps

Create your own match with a varied selection of four classic game modes, five maps, and up to 16 players. Make it private by adding a password or let anyone join and duke it out with players from all over the world.



Take on the role of defending counter-terrorist operatives or assaulting terrorist in Bomb Defuse.  This is where area control is vital to winning the game. Team Deathmatch pits you against the other team in a no holds barred killing spree.  In here, the action is much faster paced and enemies can pop up from anywhere.

Gun Game pits you against everyone else in a free-for-all deathmatch where your weapon automatically changes with every kill you make. Be the first to make a kill with the final weapon to claim prove you are the king of the hill. Join forces in a game of Infected where you have to survive as a team against the overwhelming onslaught of the undead horde.


The Ranks Of The Elite

In Forward Assault, join any of the existing matches. Test your pro gamer skills against the best of the best in ranked matches and climb to the top of the leaderboard in ladder matches.



Show off your skills with fully customized weapon skins. These are purchased by earning in-game cash rewards from competitive player-versus-player games. With dozens of weapons and so many designs to choose from, create your own signature and make yourself known in the global arena.


There Is No I In Team

Become part of a community by joining one of the hundreds of public clans. Or, make a name for yourself in ranked matches and get noticed by some of the private elites.



You are one of a community of global players in a highly competitive game.  This is where team play and professional tactics can easily trump even the most skillful lone wolf.


Forward Assault Hack, Tips & Tricks:

Shooting games are fun only if you actually hit the target. Unlike the other shooting games where you can go trigger happy, Forward Assault requires a bit of subtlety in handling its weapons. Just read to know more about it and other hacks of the game:


Keep Calm And Tap The Trigger

It is very tempting to keep your finger on the trigger of a fully automatic weapon.  However, you will quickly learn that it is not the best way to keep your shots accurate. Quick bursts or tapping the trigger will allow your bullets to hit home more often than not.  This also prevents the weapon recoil from getting out of hand.

Learn the different weapons and their usefulness.  Soon you will learn which ones are best used in certain competitive arenas. Mastering these will be a great way to climb the leaderboards and earn your place in ranked matches.



Stop, Look, And Listen

Forward Assault features some high definition game mechanics such as fluid graphics and even realistic audio cues. This is vital in becoming a competitive player as you can actually use sound like a reference to enemy positions. Aside from weapon fire, listen intently for footsteps.  These will give you an idea of what is lurking around the corner.  Or, if there is a possibility that you might be ganked from behind. In the same way, your enemies can use the same tactics so make don’t go overboard with gunfire. Since it is literally a dead giveaway to your position. At the same time, try walking or crouching around corners. Especially in loud environments in order to keep your footsteps to a minimum.

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