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Get the ultimate gacha game experience straight from your PC with Gacha Life from the acclaimed Gacha game development studios of Lunime. Featuring a plethora of gacha activities that will keep any fan of the classic Japanese game. Immerse yourself in various activities like avatar creation, playing mini-game, character interaction, skit creation, and so much more. Get to know some of the cool features of this awesome video game below.

Beautifully-Designed Models & Environments

Part of what makes Gacha Life interesting comes from the high definition graphics that powers its visuals. This feature enhances the game’s highly detailed hand-drawn character models, items, and environments. Even better is the BGM and sound effects that compliment the game’s brilliant overall design.

Unparalleled Gacha Life Experience

Gacha Life as the title suggests is not your typical dress-up/casual game. It is in fact, a compilation of the elements found on the iconic Japanese toy-capsule spewing vending machine called “Gachapon.” One example is the “Box and Consecutive Gacha” mechanics that power the game’s loot system. Just like the original machines, players will have to pay the required amount to obtain collectible items. The rarity of the items obtained depends on how much the players are willing to spend in virtual currency. *Hint: The chance of getting rare items increases when purchasing through the bulk option.

Tons of Gacha Activities

Ultimate may be an understatement when describing the entire Gacha Life experience. This is due to the multitude of games and activities integrated within its core gameplay structure. For starters, players can create and dress up their own avatar right off the bat. After which they can then venture into the “Studio” and take some slick images with their avatar or weave their own tales/story in “Skit Maker” mode. They can also venture into the “Life Mode” to meet other characters in the game. Topping it all off are 8 types of mini-games that come with their own reward tiers and leaderboards. Try out this amazing game today by simply following the instructions on your screen.

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Gacha Life Social
Gacha Life Skills
Gacha Life Dress Up
Gacha Life Avatar
Gacha Life DJ
Gacha Life Talk Senpaibuns




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