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About this Game

If you want to play a game that is unique, interesting, but also entertaining, then try playing Game of Dice. It’s a board game where you play against the AI or other players and the goal is to bankrupt your opponent. To do this, you need to acquire properties and develop them. Players will pay rent every time they land on your property. The more developed your property is, the more rent they will pay. You roll the dice to move around the board. What’s great about Game of Dice is that it features many different skills, abilities, and bonuses that can help you in the game. It’s a unique board game that is actually addictive to play and you won’t regret downloading it. Let’s look at further what this game has to offer.

Various Game Modes to Play

One of the main features of the Game of Dice is that it offers various game modes to play. You can choose to play in a 1-vs-1 match against other players, or in a team battle, where you team up with a friend to take on another team of 2 players. The game even features a 1-vs-1-vs-1 singles match, if you are looking for more challenge.

Collect Over 150 Cards to Create Winning Strategies

Another main feature of Game of Dice is that it has over 150 different cards for you to collect. The cards are your skills, which you can use during matches. Skills can provide valuable assistance in the game. One example of a skill card is Haste, where you can roll the dice twice. Another skill is to Steal, where you can steal the property you land on for a certain amount. The cards will be the crucial factor that can turn you into a winner or loser.

From its main features, you can see that Game of Dice is no ordinary board game. It offers different and immersive gameplay that requires good strategies and planning. It’s an exciting and challenging game that you won’t regret downloading. Plus, did you know that you can play it on a PC? That’s correct! You came to the right webpage since will allow you to download and install Game of Dice on your PC. How is that? Check out the guide below this page.

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