GUN BROS MULTIPLAYER: Perfect for Hardcore Action Fans

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About this Game

Do you enjoy fast-paced games that feature hardcore action? Then you will love this awesome game. It is packed with lots of guns blazing. Hell is unleashed as you will battle against players from around the world. From the maker of action-packed games like Frontline Commando, Contract Killer: Zombies, and Blood & Glory comes another slick adventure. Glu Mobile brings out the big guns in this highly acclaimed gun-blazing game. Introducing GUN BROS MULTIPLAYER.

The story of the game revolves around two protagonists; both are on a mission to eradicate the evil T.O.O.L. invaders. Will you take on the challenge of protecting the world from this villainy? Prepare your guns and get ready to start blazing in the free PC game.



From the developer that needs no further introduction comes another awesome action-packed adventure masterpiece. Check out the cool, fast-paced killer game download from Glu Mobile.

The free PC game is another highly acclaimed shooting game that lets you shoot and eliminate as many bad guys as your can. But it gets better in the multiplayer. You get to fight it out against different players from around the world.

If you are crazy about hardcore action games, you will love GUN BROS MULTIPLAYER. Here are some of its cool features.


Awesome Storyline

In GUN BROS MULTIPLAYER, you will take on the role of a special agent, working for an elite organization. Your mission is to protect the planet and the cosmos from the tyrannical and oppressive invaders known by the name T.O.O.L.

This evil organization is hell-bent on bringing chaos, destroying everything in its path. Stop these marauders before they destroy the world and the galaxy.


Fantastic GUN BROS Multiplayer Mode

Invite your friends to play GUN BROS MULTIPLAYER. Together you will fight against players from around the world. The more friends you invite, the more allies you have in the multiplayer game.


Awesome Graphics and Gameplay

Have you played the other games from Glu Mobile? If you enjoyed Frontline Commando, Contract Killer: Zombies, and Blood & Glory, then you will also love this one. You can expect the same high-quality graphics and gameplay in this free game download.

Play GUN BROS MULTIPLAYER free. Then check out the other adrenaline-fueled

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