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Gunspell – Match 3 Battles

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About this Game

Earth is under attack from an overwhelming evil force. And the planet’s primary fighting force can no longer keep up with the invasion. This organization needs help so it turns to you. Become the hero that this planet needs. Help the world’s fighting force deal with the invasion. Battle the forces of evil in the Gunspell – Match 3 Battles PC game and download it to your desktop today!

Gunspell – Match 3 Battles is an action-packed game that features guns and magic. Fight your way to victory, and liberate the planet from the clutches of evil. Gather your weapons and upgrade your firepower. You are in for a wild, fast-paced battle against the unholy invaders.

In this high-octane magic and shooting adventure, you play the role of a newly minted member of a powerful organization tasked to protect the planet from all forms of evil. This story-driven role-playing game lets you mix and match guns and magic as you pursue victory and freedom from the invaders. Travel between multiple worlds and fight interdimensional monsters that seek to destroy our way of life.

Experience an action-packed adventure like no other. Download and play Gunspell – Match 3 Battles free on desktop PC! Evolve into greater heroes with our super-charged Role-Playing Games like Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes and Lineage2 Revolution!

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