Happy Kids Meal Maker – Burger Cooking Game Download Free PC Games on Gameslol
Happy Kids Meal Maker – Burger Cooking Game Best PC Games

Happy Kids Meal Maker – Burger Cooking Game

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Happy Kids Meal Maker – Burger Cooking Game Download Free PC Games on Gameslol

Happy Kids Meal Maker Burger Cooking Game on PC | Free Cooking Games Download


Hey kid, ever wanted to own a cool fast food restaurant? Well, now you can in Happy Kids Meal Maker Burger Cooking Game on PC! Download the game here for free and experience the awesomeness of cooking your own burgers and making your own french fries! Why go to a fast food restaurant when you can manage one in the game instead?

Discover what it’s like being the fry cook and manager of a sprawling fast food burger diner where your main objective above is to serve the best combo meals to customers! How you create your hamburgers is entirely up to you! Choose your own buns, condiments and ingredients inside and see how your customers will react! Not only do you serve hamburgers, but you also get to fix up salads, fizz up soft drinks and cut up potatoes to either make fries or chips!


Customize Your Own Burgers Happy Kids Meal Maker – Burger Cooking Game

It’s a freestyle menu in Happy Kids Meal Maker! Whatever you make, the customers will like it! Get to mince your own meats, form the patties and cook them your own way! Do you want to grill the patties or pan-fry them? Will you add cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and pickles in your burger or just add mayonnaise in it instead? How about the buns; go for classic potato buns? Hey, why not go for something different like croissant buns or even rainbow buns for something sweet for the children?

Your burger, your rules!


Serve Up Delicious Side Dishes

Of course, it’s just not a burger shop without french fries, cola and salads, right? You get to prepare them from scratch! For fries, you got to cut them into equal pieces and then fry them for the right amount of time! Don’t fry them for too long or they’ll burn though! And yes, you get a great assortment of soft drinks to give to your customers, Also, some customers are on a diet so do make sure you got salads on the side too!

Download Happy Kids Meal Maker Burger Cooking Game for free on PC only here on Games.lol! For more fun simulation games check out Cafeland – World Kitchen or Chichens.

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