Happy Pet Story: Virtual Pet Game
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Happy Labs

Happy Pet Story – Create & Enjoy Playing With Your Virtual Pet

happy pet story download free
happy pet story download full version
happy pet story download pc free
happy pet story download PC
happy pet story download free
happy pet story download full version
happy pet story download pc free
happy pet story download PC

Not many people will have the patience and time to take care of a real pet. Fortunately, there are many virtual pet games available that will allow them to slightly experience having a pet. One of the best virtual pet games that you can play right now is Happy Pet Story. It’s a simulation game published by Happy Labs.

The great thing about this game is that it’s not just a typical virtual pet game. You will not only create a virtual pet that you will take care of, feed, and play with, but you also get to decorate its home. What’s more, you will also have a town full of virtual pets that you can interact with. To understand better how this simulation game works, read on as we discuss it briefly.

Learn How to Play Happy Pet Story

When you start playing this game, the first thing you would do is to create your virtual pet and give it a name. After that, you will meet the mayor of the town, Mojo, who will show you the ropes. This will also be the game’s tutorial. Here, you will learn about decorating your virtual pet’s home since it will be bare from the start.

Then, the mayor will show you around town, bringing you to various shops. There’s a shop for clothes, a shop for decorations and furniture, and a shop where you can buy food and treats. Mojo, the mayor, will treat you to free clothes, decoration, or furniture to get you started. Once he’s done showing you around, the mayor will also teach you about planting in front of your house. Whenever they’re ready for harvest, the plants will earn you money.

Happy Pet Story also has a variety of mini games for you to play like fishing, quizzes, music game, and so on. The mayor will also start you off with a mini game where you pop as many balloons as you can before the time expires. Each balloon popped will drop a coin, so it’s a great way to earn more coins. After the tutorial, you’re now free to explore around.

From here, you can start with the quests or objectives that you can do. Some of the characters will have some things for you to do, and you’d get rewarded for it. You can also check out the homes of other players so you would get some ideas on how to decorate your own.

Amazing Features of This Virtual Pet Game

  • Cute and unique graphics and art style
  • Various mini games to play
  • Visit the homes of other players
  • Customize your pet’s appearance, as well as decorate its home
  • Beginner-friendly gameplay

Happy Pet Story is a fun game that every player, including kids, will enjoy playing. If you enjoy playing simulation games, then you should also try playing Epic Battle Simulator 2 or Starside – Celebrity and Drama. Both are fun simulation games that are also free to download here at Games.lol, so try them out now!




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