Harvest Master: Farm Sim Free
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Harvest Master: Farm Sim Game - Available Free on PC

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Are you one of those farm/life simulation fans who’s tired of the same raw format? Well, you might want to have a treat for yourself! Here, we have something that might bring a fresh new take on the genre. Say hello to Harvest Master: Farm Sim, the fun and immersive farm/life simulation without sugar coating.

Experience the challenges of farm and life management in one complete package. Face greedy tyrants, date bachelorettes while doing the basic farming chores. If you think you have what it takes to live the life of a farmer, then download Harvest Master: Farm Sim on your PC today.

What is Harvest Master: Farm Sim?

Harvest Master: Farm Sim is a free-to-play game made by RhinoGearz in 2016 for mobile devices. This immersive game simulator offers a sneak peek at what “real farming” is all about. In Harvest Master: Farm Sim, players get to inherit a farm from their recently deceased uncle. The bad news is that the farm does not only come with animals and crops but also with colossal debt. In other words, players need to work their hearts to develop the farm and pay off the debt.

Harvest Master: Farm Sim also allows players to court and marry bachelorettes in the village, mine for precious metals, participate in various festivals, and much more. Compared to other farming simulations, the resources and activities in this game require patience and hard work, which could be why the game is not as popular as the easy-going Farmville. With that said, if you think you have the skills to tackle the real farm challenges, then download Harvest Master: Farm Sim free on your PC today.

How to Play Harvest Master: Farm Sim?

First off, the Harvest Master: Farm Sim version featured on this site is the PC-Optimized version. In this case, you can just hit the download button on this page and play the game using your keyboard and mouse. Harvest Master: Farm Sim begins just like any other indie title that takes the player straight to the main title menu with a single click. There are two buttons housed in the main title menu, which are the Start and Credits buttons.

Clicking on the credits button will take you to the typical list of developers, just like those seen in other games. Clicking the “Start” button will take you straight to the tutorial phase, where you will learn the game’s essential elements. The challenge begins right after the tutorial phase, as the game will leave the farm’s fate to you. In short, you need to show your farming skills to improve the farm, pay the greedy tyrant, and start a family. Sounds easy, right? If that is the case then, what are you waiting for? Download and install Harvest Master on your PC today.

Harvest Master: Farm Sim Features

  • Harvest moon-inspired gameplay
  • A Plethora of challenging activities
  • Optimized for the PC
  • Straightforward narrative
  • Skill-based gameplay

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