Haunted Laia
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Dark Dome

Haunted Laia - Uncover Hidden Town's Chilling Mystery

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Haunted Laia, developed by Dark Dome, takes players on a thrilling adventure in Hidden Town. A new family has recently moved into town, but their joy quickly turns to fear as they are tormented by supernatural forces within their own home. Suddenly, the family vanishes without a trace, leaving behind a chilling mystery that only Laia can solve. As the protagonist, players must navigate through memories, piece together clues, and uncover the truth behind the family’s disappearance.

A Captivating Point-and-Click Adventure

This point-and-click game offers an immersive experience filled with brain teasers and puzzles. Players will explore various locations, including Laia’s house, a mysterious cave, and a room concealed behind a red door. The game’s interactive story will captivate players, thanks to its unforgettable protagonist and a surprising graphic style that is complemented by a deep soundtrack, enhancing the atmosphere of the adventure.

For those seeking an additional challenge, Haunted Laia introduces an alternate achievement: finding all 10 hidden lizards scattered throughout the game. These strange presences will test players’ observation skills as they search every nook and cranny. To ensure a smooth gameplay experience, the game offers a comprehensive hint system. If players find themselves stuck, they can turn to the hints for guidance, allowing them to progress through the story without frustration.

Uncover Hidden Town’s Secrets in Haunted Laia: A Standalone Adventure

For an enhanced experience, players have the option to purchase the Premium Version of Haunted Laia. This version grants access to an exclusive secret scene featuring a side story of Hidden Town, complete with additional riddles and puzzles. Furthermore, the Premium Version removes all in-game ads, granting players uninterrupted access to hints whenever needed.

Playing Haunted Laia is straightforward: interact with objects and characters in the environment by touching them. Furthermore, utilize inventory items by using them on relevant game objects or combining them to create new items that aid in progressing through the adventure. With a combination of wit, problem-solving, and puzzle-solving skills, players will gradually uncover the secrets of Hidden Town.

As part of the interconnected Hidden Town escape game series by The Dark Dome games, Haunted Laia offers a standalone experience that can be enjoyed independently. However, players familiar with previous titles such as The Ghost Case and Another Shadow will find connections and subtle references that further enrich the overarching narrative. Dive into the enigmatic world of Hidden Town, help Laia solve the haunting mystery, and unveil the truth behind her family’s disappearance.

Haunted Laia Game Features

  • Solve the mystery of a family’s disappearance
  • Point and click gameplay with brain teasers and puzzles
  • Explore locations such as Laia’s house, a cave, and a room behind a red door
  • Find 10 hidden lizards throughout the game
  • Utilize a hint system to overcome challenges and progress in the story
  • Premium version offers an exclusive secret scene with additional riddles and puzzles
  • Interact with objects and characters by touching them
  • Use inventory items and combine them to solve puzzles
  • Standalone game with connections to other titles in the Hidden Town series

Are you ready to unravel the chilling mystery of Haunted Laia? Then dive into the immersive world of Hidden Town and help Laia solve the disappearance of her family. Click here to play the game now and embark on a thrilling adventure on your PC. While you’re at it, don’t forget to explore other captivating adventure games like Unwanted Experiment and Nowhere House on Games.lol. Get ready to test your wits and uncover the secrets that await you!




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