Unwanted Experiment
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Dark Dome

Unwanted Experiment - Try To Escape From The Evil Scientist’s Lab

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unwanted experiment pc download
unwanted experiment gameplay on pc
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See if you can escape the laboratory of an evil scientist who does crazy experiments in Unwanted Experiment. It’s a casual puzzle game published by Dark Dome. A scientist recently moved to Hidden Town. But he’s an unusual scientist who keeps to himself and is distant. And there are rumors that he’s doing weird and strange experiments.

You went to check it out but got captured. And now you must find a way to escape or else be part of the unwanted experiment. Let’s talk about the details of the gameplay and features available.

Play Unwanted Experiment – Find Clues & Solve Puzzles to Escape

Escaping the lab is the main objective of the Unwanted Experiment game. But it’s not easy to do. The game features many different and challenging puzzles for you to solve. Some are easy while others seem like a riddle that you need to figure out first. All things are connected in Unwanted Experiment, which is what you’ll love with the game .

Any item that you’ll pick up as you scour the room for clues will be used. Some immediately, while others later on. The Unwanted Experiment game is like a giant riddle with smaller riddles that need solving. The game will rattle your brain trying to figure out the clues given to you and where you’ll use them.

How to Play the Unwanted Experiment Game

It’s easy to play Unwanted Experiment. It doesn’t even have a tutorial. All you’ll get is an instruction manual to tell you how to play the game. After that, it’s up to you to figure things out. It’s just like many other escape-the-room games out there. You just have to find clues or items that can help you unlock doors, safes, or cabinets.

Many of the things you’ll need are found within the room that you’re trapped in. What’s interesting about the game is that you’ll also meet another character and have another room to explore. You can interchange between the characters. In addition, you can use every clue and item you find can in either room. You just have to figure out which room to use.

Escape Game Features to Check Out

  • An interesting storyline that makes escaping more fun and exciting
  • Use hints to help you figure out certain puzzles in case you’re stuck
  • Interchange between two characters and explore both rooms to find clues and items
  • A fun but very challenging game to play

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