Hello Stars
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Hello Stars – Puzzle Video Solving Game About Drawing Lines

hello stars download PC
hello stars download PC free
hello stars download full version
hello stars download free
hello stars download PC
hello stars download PC free
hello stars download full version
hello stars download free

Help your artist become a star in Hello Stars. It’s a casual puzzle game that also features a bit of idle gameplay. It’s a game where your stickman star aspires to become a superstar artist. And to do that, you’ll need to upgrade the stage he is performing on to get fans and followers. But upgrades require coins and you get them for completing challenging puzzles. It’s a puzzle game that involves you drawing lines.

Hello Stars is an entertaining game you’ll surely love to play. Let’s discuss how to play this puzzle game to know the things that you need to do.

Draw Lines & Upgrade The Stage

There are two things that you’ll do in Hello Stars and that’s solving puzzles and upgrading your stickman and the stage he’s performing on. The stickman dreams of becoming a star performer and he starts the journey performing on a bare stage with a little audience. It’s up to you to spice things up to help him attract more audience and get more hearts. And it will require upgrading his stage and the stickman himself.

But all of these things cost coins. The only way you can earn coins in Hello Stars is through the puzzle game. The puzzle game is simple and fun to play. It involves drawing lines to make the ball hit the sleeping person. You earn coins whenever you complete the puzzle. You’ll also encounter many different scenarios, which will require your creativity in solving the puzzle. It’s a simple and fun puzzle that also offers a bit of a challenge as you progress.

How To Solve Puzzles & Upgrade the Stage in Hello Stars

The main gameplay in Hello Stars is the puzzle portion. This is where you will need to put most of your attention and wits. The upgrade of the stage part is the idle element of the game. You will just spend coins to upgrade the stage and stickman to attract more audiences and get more hearts. Cost of upgrades increases, so you will need to continually earn coins. Clicking on the area will get you hearts. You’ll start with one heart and then it increases as you upgrade. Upgrading will also let you earn hearts automatically.

As for the puzzle in Hello Stars, it’s simple. You’re given a scenario where the ball is placed somewhere and there’s a sleeping stickman. You just make the ball hit the stickman using the lines you draw. The kind of line you’ll draw will depend on the scenario. You can draw an arc that can make the ball move or a triangle to help the ball travel down. You can even draw a square or rectangle to protect the lane from objects falling. It doesn’t matter what kind of line you draw, as long as it completes the objective.

Available Game Features in Hello Stars

  • 220 different physics puzzle levels to complete
  • Solutions that rely on your creativity and wit
  • Different costumes for your stickman performer to wear
  • Various decorations for your stage to enhance performance

Do you love playing puzzle games where you’ll draw lines? Check out Physics Drop or Love Balls. Both provide similar gameplay where solutions to puzzles depend on the lines you’ll draw.




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