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Hey Clay

HEY CLAY - Show Creativity with Clay Modeling for Kids

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Step into the captivating realm of clay modeling for kids with the HEY CLAY by Hey Clay! Crafted to introduce young minds to the wonders of clay sculpting, this interactive simulation game offers a dynamic learning experience that’s both entertaining and educational.

Hey Clay – Where Kids Become Sculptors

Watch as your child transforms into a budding sculptor in the HEY CLAY app, embarking on a creative journey that begins with shaping simple balls and sausage-like forms and leads to crafting unique characters. HEY CLAY brilliantly bridges the gap between clay animation and hands-on modeling, providing a vivid and engaging avenue for imaginative crafting.

Your child can explore an array of clay sets in this clay modeling game for kids, from crafting easy clay animals like Eco Cars, Aliens, Dinos, and Monsters to bringing captivating fluffy pets and characters such as Bigfoot, Doggie, Penguin, and Tyrannosaurus to life. Each set offers step-by-step instructions, ensuring your child can effortlessly follow along and breathe life into their creations. The kid-friendly interface enhances the overall experience, featuring interactive games that infuse learning with excitement.

As your child immerses themselves in the HEY CLAY app, they’ll refine their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, nurturing abstract thinking and creativity. The game adds an extra layer of magic with its stunning, original, and colorful animations, making the clay modeling process even more exhilarating.

Create with Poop Oops Air-Dry Clay

HEY CLAY recommends using their original Poop Oops air-dry clay – lightweight, non-sticky, and available in an array of bright colors for the most exquisite creations. Its versatility makes it truly special, allowing your child to craft their own toys. After sculpting their favorite characters, they can patiently wait for the clay to harden and enjoy playing with their clay figures, just like real toys.

In HEY CLAY, clay modeling for kids transforms into a journey filled with boundless imagination and educational value, making it an indispensable tool for parents seeking to nurture their children’s artistic talents engagingly and enjoyably. Embrace the world of clay modeling with the Hey Clay app and witness your child evolve into a skilled sculptor, one vibrant creation at a time!

Awesome HEY CLAY App Features

  • Foster creativity as kids sculpt characters like a real sculptor
  • Connect clay animation with hands-on modeling in a kid-friendly interface
  • Explore diverse clay sets, from easy clay animals to captivating characters
  • Step-by-step instructions ensure easy and fun learning
  • Develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and abstract thinking
  • Enjoy vibrant, original animations that bring creations to life
  • Play interactive games
  • Share clay masterpieces with friends and family

Ready to unleash your child’s creativity? Dive into the world of clay modeling with HEY CLAY® now! Play the game on PC or explore similar engaging kids’ games on our website. You can play Dino Puzzle and Leo 2. Let the fun and learning begin!




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