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About this Game

Do you think you have what it takes to renovate and decorate a home? Well, why don’t you find out and play Homescapes for the PC? Published by Playrix, it’s a casual game where you help Austin renovate and decorate his family’s old mansion. It’s already worn down and full of broken stuff, so he will need your help to beautify and complete the house. You will be helping him decide on the new decorations, as well as providing him with the materials.

To do that, you will first be playing some puzzle games to gain resources to use in renovating or decorating the worn-down mansion. It’s a fun and entertaining game that you will likely play for hours. But if you’re still not sure how to properly play this game, this article will help you know how to play the game properly.

How To Play Homescapes?

When you first play, you will be seeing cinematics where Austin is arriving at their old mansion, which you can skip. Once done, you will be greeted with a first puzzle to help Austin earn a star. The stars will be used for decorating or renovating certain parts of the mansion.

The kind of puzzle you will play will vary. But most of the time, it will be a match-3 puzzle where you need to match at least three similar items either horizontally or vertically. You need to meet the objective, and the mystery is complete, and you earn a star.

Once you’ve earned a star, you can start fixing, cleaning, or decorating a specific part of the mansion. Usually, the room or areas of the house that needs fixing will be shown on a menu. It will also show the number of stars that you will need to repair, clean, or decorate the area.
That’s what you will have to do in this game, play a puzzle, earn a star, and then decorate the house. Keep repeating until you complete the home.

You can see from the guide how simple and easy it is to play the game. You can also see why you will likely be playing this game for hours. But what else can you expect when you play Homescapes? Let’s check out the game’s features.

Homescapes Main Features

  • Fun and entertaining puzzle games for you to play.
  • Freedom to do some interior designing, as you get to choose which furniture or decoration to use.
  • Get into an exciting big mansion that needs a lot of renovation or decoration work!
  • Free to play with friends and family
  • Practice your solving skills and investigating skills at the same time.

Unleash your creativity and give this old mansion a second life! Transform the mansion, replace all the faulty items, give it a new set of wallpaper, add new furniture, and make Austin’s parents proud of him. Download Homescapes PC today! Try out other casual games such as Toon Blast and Love Balls too!

Download Homescapes on PC

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Open the Playstore
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