Horror Hospital 2
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horror hospital 2 behind you
horror hospital 2 eaten alive
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horror hospital 2 night at the asylum
horror hospital 2 behind you
horror hospital 2 eaten alive
horror hospital 2 crawling
horror hospital 2 night at the asylum

If you’re a fan of a hospital or asylum-based horror games, then we’ve got something that should spook you right. Welcome to the dark world of Horror Hospital 2 – a game that takes place years after the first incident.


You play as Walter, a good friend to Melissa – who has been having terrible nightmares for an unknown reason. She was given an invitation to a certain hospital just outside of the city. Walter drives his friend there in hopes that her nightmares will go away – that is until those bad dreams have turned into reality.


Featuring a gripping storyline, heart-pounding horror moments and unknown entities that lurk around in the hospital, Horror Hospital 2 is sure to please horror game fans.


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Horror Hospital 2 Guide Features:

For those looking for something that will keep them up all night, gird your loins as you play Horror Hospital 2. A horror game designed to not just scare you but also creep in your psyche is unprecedented for a PC game. Aside from that, it has a wonderfully written story that you would want to experience it firsthand. For more features about this game, read on below:


Smart First-Person View Controls For A Horror Game

Don’t you just hate it in certain horror games where all you can do is just WALK away from the monster? Come on, who does that? You see a ghoulish being who’s out to kill you and all you can do is walk? That’s just something as dumb as B-movies for the cheap scares.


But for Horror Hospital 2? They ditched the whole walking thing and replaced it with controls that are suitable for when you need to run away from something like a spooky scary skeleton that sends shivers down your spine!


Sprint, jump, crouch, dash, and push are available as controls. Why can’t other horror games just do this? It’s more exciting that way.


Gripping Story


horror hospital 2 gripping story


Okay, so the story may be cliché…that is until you get through halfway in the game. We won’t spoil you any details but the results are just as mind-blowing as the other games you have played. The game centers around Melissa who’s been having nightmares non-stop, causing her to suffer from sleep deprivation. She was given an anonymous invitation to a hospital outside of the city.


You are Walter – a long-time friend of Melissa who will do anything for her care…even if it means fending off her own nightmares that have turned into real-life nightmares.


A Dark Atmosphere

There’s just something magical about low-rendered horror games. It’s like the pixels make the game…grittier to look at. Some may complain that the graphics are terrible but for us, it makes the game much scarier than it already is.


Laid with a very unwelcoming ambiance, beautifully creepy music, elaborative surround sound, and sound design, Horror Hospital 2 is a great setting that you’ll want to enter again and again for the jump scares, the missed-out notes, and more unwelcomed guests.


Horror Games PC Tips:

For a horror game, this will require you to run a lot. So thank God, you’re sitting alone in your room in the dark…wait, that’s like a horror game. The best way to approach the game is to be a little paranoid and not trust anyone but yourself and be as observant as you can. Nothing should get past your powers of observation. For more tips to survive the game, read on below:


If They Spot You, Just Run

Look, you shouldn’t be trusting anyone in the game except for Melissa – not the obviously-villainous receptionist, not the decaying doctor, not the silent nurse. No one.


They’re ALL bad guys. And if you see them or their patients, you run. You do not stop, okay? You just run away like you’re running away from how really crappy reality is.


Fortunately, the sprint button here gives you infinite stamina. Just make sure that you don’t overdo it because you’ll make loud noises. And you know how horror game antagonists hate loud noises from potential victims. This hospital is going to make you crazier than Melissa herself.


Walking Or Crouching Is Really Your Only Option To Stay Alive


horror hospital 2 stealth game


Stealth is the key to save yourself from potential death. If you don’t want to end up in their local morgue (which, by the way, looks hideous in a horror game aspect), you’ll have to sneak away from the enemies.


You are unarmed in this game except for one defensive action – the push. But come on, pushes don’t kill monsters. It will, however, help save your life if they’re nearing you.

But to save yourself from such trouble, just sneak away and hope those damn crazy patients don’t see you.


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