Endless Nightmare 2: Hospital
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Endless Nightmare 2 Hospital – Investigate & Uncover The Mystery

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Here’s another Endless Nightmare game and it’s titled Endless Nightmare 2: Hospital. It brings another horror story for you to play and uncover. This time, you’ll investigate a scary hospital since they seem to be involved in the case of missing people in Oak Town. However, it is going to be easier said than done since there will be a lot of scary things you’ll encounter.

Endless Nightmare 2: Hospital is an interesting and scary game to play. You’ll love playing it if you’re into the horror genre. Let’s talk about the gameplay in more detail, as well as the features the game has to offer.

Investigate the Scary Hospital in Endless Nightmare 2: Hospital

You play Jake who’s investigating the disappearance of people in Endless Nightmare 2: Hospital. But your investigation will not go as smoothly as you’d like to be. And the next thing you know, you’re waking up on a chair and have to figure out what’s going on. As you explore, you get to pick up weapons and items you’ll need later on. There will be a lot of locked doors and your goal is to find ways to open them.

It’s great because the game provides adventure, some action, lots of horrors, and also a bit of a puzzle. You’ll have to solve puzzles and riddles to open other things. Let’s now talk about the gameplay of Endless Nightmare 2 Hospital.

How to Play Endless Nightmare 2: Hospital

When you start playing Endless Nightmare 2: Hospital, you’ll play like the prologue. It will also act as the game’s tutorial that will teach you the basics of the gameplay. It’s not hard to figure out since the controls are straightforward. What’s more intriguing is the story of the game. You’d think it’s just a normal investigation, but then you will be spooked out when you encounter scary and weird patients with their heads covered in the game. They also don’t seem like humans anymore.

After taking them out, you deal with a demon-like entity who seems immune to bullets. You get to the real game once you complete the epilogue. You’ll start from the room you were kept in and then try to explore the hospital as you figure out what’s happening. You won’t have any weapons, but you can pick them up as you explore.

Surely, you will enjoy playing Endless Nightmare 2 Hospital. It’s like the classic action-adventure horror games. You battle monsters as well as boss demons so, be prepared for that.

Features of the Action-Adventure Game

  • A fun and complex plot that you’ll enjoy uncovering
  • Many jumpscares for that great horror vibe
  • Many puzzles for you to enjoy and solve
  • Various monsters and bosses to defeat

Do you enjoy playing horror games, especially about hospitals? Then try playing Horror Hospital 2 or Haunted Hospital Asylum. They’re both fun and interesting horror games that you can play.




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