Idle Courier Tycoon – 3D Business Manager
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Century Games Pte. Ltd.

Idle Courier Tycoon: Enjoy This AFK Delivery Simulator Now!

idle courrier tycoon download PC
idle courrier tycoon download PC free
idle courrier tycoon download full version
idle courrier tycoon download free
idle courrier tycoon download PC
idle courrier tycoon download PC free
idle courrier tycoon download full version
idle courrier tycoon download free

Idle Courier Tycoon – 3D Business Manager puts you in the shoes of a CEO that manages the world’s biggest courier business on Earth. Your job is to pack the items properly, ship them to their respective locations, and earn big money. If you like this kind of casual game, make sure to download and play Idle Courier Tycoon for free on your PC.

Experience Worldwide Delivery with Idle Courier Tycoon

Who doesn’t want to become the CEO of a mega courier corporation, right? Idle Courier Tycoon is all about managing your factory, your workers, and the deals with other companies looking to become affiliates within your industry. It’s a great casual game for those who want to know more about what’s going on within the confines of courier and online store companies like Amazon, Alibaba, and Lazada.

Oh, and don’t worry about the business shenanigans; Idle Courier Tycoon is a much lighter version of an enterprise simulator based on the world’s leading online store and delivery service.

See money go in your pocket as you find various items shipping in from different stores and into your warehouse. You can manage them one by one and define their quality. Once you finish up, you can just leave the game, do whatever you like in real life, and come back to see all the good stuff happening!

Additionally, Idle Courier Tycoon includes different events and fun challenges, which will reward you with sweet and exclusive items that only come rarely in the game. Oh, and you can show off your warehouse to your corporate friends, too, via Facebook.

How to Play Idle Courier Tycoon PC

Idle Courier Tycoon by Century Games Pte. Ltd. is quite easy to follow anyway. Plus, you only have to do a bit of the tutorial before you can get fully started. And no, there are no deep and complex words that you should know about since the game practically holds your hand throughout the entirety of your session. After finishing the basics in the tutorial, you can now freely do whatever you like in the warehouse.

Your warehouse slowly expands as you keep on playing the game and earning more money. Sure, you may start with small items. But if you discipline yourself and manage to keep on playing more, you’ll soon take control of a massive warehouse in no time. Just don’t forget to keep your workers happy so the quality of the packages will always remain in top quality.

Fun Game Features to Experience

  • Fun and simplistic business management game
  • Clean and easy UI
  • Fast progression
  • Lower waiting times compared to other AFK games
  • Generous reward system

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