Idle Skilling
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Idle Skilling – An Idle Game Focusing on Skills Improvement

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idle skilling pc download
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Are you searching for a videogame to become engrossed in or something that will hold your interest for many months? If so, then Idle Skilling is the game for you. Featuring idle gameplay where your decisions matter. Focus on mining and send your employees in search of the Godshards. You can also become a devoted farmer whose harvests are well-known throughout the country. The choice is all yours in this highly acclaimed incremental game! Download Idle Skilling on your PC today!

Take the Lazy Route to Success!

Idle Skilling, as the title suggests, is an incremental game focused on skills improvement. The game offers numerous features for the player to manage, which are related to each other. Despite having the word idle in its title, this game comes with various activities to keep the player busy for hours. Players can harvest crops, go fishing, explore tunnels, mine ores, breed pets, battle monsters, and much more. They can then utilize the resources to manufacture magical medicines, forge new equipment, and reproduce pets. In idle skilling, you also have access to over 21 diverse skills that come with leveling up options.

This will become your newest favorite idle game if you enjoy leveling up. Cast spells, upgrade skill trees, and upgrade your attacks, quarrying, fishing, crafting, and other abilities! It’s 100% idle gaming, where everything levels up all over the place!

Hone Your Idle Skilling Mastery

Idle Skilling begins with an interactive tutorial that tackles the game’s basic elements and mechanics. Generally, the game has three distinct sections—combat, training, and creating. Your main goal is to level up your battle skills to take on enemies during training. You can kill stronger enemies and earn more gold to spend on training upgrades. Immerse yourself in the training to become a better fighter. As you progress, you’ll get a chance to dig ores and catch fish. These ores are the raw materials that can help you craft numerous materials. What’s even more exciting is there is no limited time in crafting each item. You can also grant numerous things from combat bonuses.

Additionally, there are HIDDEN SECRET locations to find, but only the savviest gamers will know how to get there! You can interact with NPCs in these places and complete their tasks to receive incredible perks that are normally inaccessible. The creator of this game gave it everything he had to create a fun-packed experience. Since it’s an idle game, it automatically starts playing whether you are active or not. You can also play offline. While you are sleeping, the game will continue playing.

Idle Skilling Game Features That Await You:

  • Combat 300+ Monsters for massive Gold and Treasure Drops
  • Cast 10 different charms, ranging from poison clouds to meteors
  • Engage in menacing raid combat against powerful adversaries inside the Raid Theater
  • Forge 60+ original items and tools to aid you in combat
  • Over 100 upgrades are possible for each item

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How to Install

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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