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About this Game

Idle Heroes is a free-to-play incremental game developed by DH Games for IOS and Android. As the title suggests, Idle Heroes is all about training heroes and battling monster bosses from their devices. The game also employs RPG mechanics like leveling up skills and equipping heroes with various types of weapons.

Idle Heroes Incremental Game

As an incremental game, Idle heroes restrict world exploration. Instead, it presents the player with level-based scenarios or arenas that come with various types of enemies. Idle Heroes also features an immersive campaign, which, as mentioned before, comes in a level-based episodic presentation. There’s also the completion of each level award for players with various in-game items.

Role-Playing Battle Game

Despite the lack of exploration mechanics, Idle Heroes comes with solid RPG elements that allow players to collect and assemble heroes before each battle. Each hero comes with his or her unique skills and abilities that the player can improve through upgrades. Besides, players can also discover, collect, and equip various weapon types that also come with their unique attributes.

Millions of Player Worldwide

Since its inception, Idle Heroes managed to acquire hundreds of accolades from both players and critics. It’s simple, and easy-to-learn gameplay enticed millions of players across the globe, making it one of the most-played incremental games in the free-to-play market. With that said, if you are part of the colossal Idle Heroes community of players or someone who wants to explore the game from your PC, then look no further than the version featured on this page.

Idle Heroes is completely free of charge and is fully optimized for the PC. Download now and enjoy playing Idle Heroes for PC free here!  Check out other RPG Games here just like Guild of Heroes – Fantasy RPG and King of Thieves!

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