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Idle Heroes on PC - Train Your Vigorous Team of Heroes While Away

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idle heroes das moge
idle heroes tactics ormus
idle heroes train sigmund
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If you are someone who prefers playing immersive yet relaxing role-playing games, then playing Idle Heroes on PC might satisfy your needs. It is a hero-collecting RPG, or also known as gacha. With its engaging mechanics, witty art style, and relaxing gameplay, this game will surely keep you bursting with excitement.

Developed by DHGAMES, Idle Heroes PC offers a lot of exciting content, making its players enjoy every single detail of the game without the need for grinding. Here, you can leave your heroes and check on them when you come back—as simple as that! No need to grind; just relax and let the heroes do their thing while you’re away.

Play Idle Heroes on PC Now

The focal point of the Idle Heroes game came from its name itself. Everything works idle! Unlike the typical hero collection role-playing games where you need to complete various missions for you to prepare your heroes, Idle Heroes is not played that way.

Here, you can send your heroes on a particular mission even when you’re away. These warriors can fight monsters for a handful of hours. Once you come back, you can simply get the goodies they collected from their battles. This type of gameplay is highly recommended for casual gamers who don’t have massive time to grind but love role-playing games.

Additionally, the combat system runs out automatically. Once you activate a battle, your heroes will spontaneously clash with the opponents, even without any control from you. Ultimately, the battle mechanics are simple, but deploying your heroes must be strategic. You need to consider many factors such as their position during combat, class, faction, the position of the enemy, and the health capacity.

Another feature of Idle Heroes on PC is the collection of heroes. There are hundreds of various characters available for all players, and these characters are divided into six factions. Remember that each faction represents a strong one against the other, but there are weak against others. With that said, the developer aims to give an overall balance when it comes to heroes.

Acquire Heroes & Experience the Action in Idle Heroes PC

To get a hero in the Idle Heroes game, you can choose three ways: Basic, Heroic, and Friendship Summons. Basic summon is the usual way to get heroes. All you need is a Basic Summon Scroll, which is obtainable from Tavern Quests, Campaign, and Marketplace. Usually, heroes from Basic Summons range from 1 to 5 stars, but the chance to get a 4 to 5-star hero is relatively low.

Next to Basic is the Heroic Summons, where you can get the privilege to own 3 to 5-star heroes, who are known to be better characters. Lastly, in Friendship Summon, you will not need scrolls. Instead, you will need Hearts by doing a few clicks. In this kind of summon, there is a possibility of getting 2 to 5-star heroes.

Another way to get heroes is through the Prophet Tree and buy 4 to 5-star characters using Prophets’ Orbs. You can also get hero shards, which are utilized in acquiring heroes. Another way is through the Campaign mode.

Besides hero collecting, you can also enjoy playing Idle Heroes by participating in the arena where you will compete with other players. The more you win here, you will get a higher rating, giving you more access to higher types of rewards. You can also be more competitive by joining a guild and participating in guild wars.

Thrilling Game Features in Idle Heroes

  • Relaxing idle system
  • Summon over 200 heroes from various factions
  • Join guild wars
  • Top the worldwide arena

If you are amazed by the thrilling yet relaxing gameplay of Idle Heroes on PC, you can have more by trying out other role-playing games like Dragon Village M and Dragon Nest M on your PC for free.




How to Install

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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