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About this Game

Welcome to Jurassic World: The Game—where you build your very own dinosaur theme park, breed magnificent and awe-inspiring dinosaurs, and have them roam around for the adoring public to feast their eyes on!

Developers Ludia Inc. has created the fantastic Isla Nublar based on the blockbuster movie, Jurassic World. For this game, you take control of creating and running the iconic Jurassic Park the way you see fit.


Manage Your Dino Park

The main objective in Jurassic World: The Game is for you to make sure that you create a thriving dinosaur park and keep it in business. This entails building, upgrading, and fortifying structures within your park to ensure that when you open it to the public, they can enjoy all the attractions safely.

You can also interact with various characters from the movie as you begin playing storylines. You will also meet most of them as you go on and complete missions that can help you earn more resources to further spruce up your dinosaur park!


What’s a Dinosaur Park without Dinos?

Being a dinosaur-themed park, you have to breed a variety of dinosaurs because they will be your main attractions. It is up to you what kind of sauropods you wish to include in your park. You can opt for huge herbivorous dinosaurs such as the elegant Brontosaurus, or the hefty Ankylosaurus and Stegosaurus, as well as the iconic Triceratops. Of course, there are also the carnivorous ones such as the cunning Velociraptors, the terrible Tyrannosaurus Rex, and even the monstrous Mosasaurus!

Jurassic World: the Game offers over 200 unique dinosaurs for you to hatch and evolve. Research more dinosaurs and expand your park frequently so you can showcase your wonderful creations to the public. The expansion also means more room for you to experiment on unique dinosaur breeds, so there’s a huge chance for you to create the best beasts around!


Breed Dinosaurs for Battle

After breeding all the dinosaurs you want, you can pick the most vicious ones and assemble them to form a dinosaur team that you can use to challenge other park owners in Jurassic World: the Game online! Each battle you win also earns you some rewards that you can use for your dinosaur park to truly thrive!




Installing the Game on your PC

Installing Jurassic World: The Game on your PC is easy. Just locate the ‘PLAY NOW’ button and click it. This will prompt an installer to start the Jurassic World: The Game PC download on your desktop.

Make sure you allow the installer to perform the download for it to begin. After the installer has finished downloading and installing, the game will start automatically. It’s free and easy. Start building a prehistoric world when you download Jurassic World: The Game now!

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