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About this Game

What if we told you that you can play a game that lets you mow down tons of bad guys with a cool assortment of weapons as a sentient bean? This same game also gives you different power-ups to further improve your killing spree of evil assassin beans that have orders to eliminate you. Welcome to Killer Bean Unleashed!

Never Mess With Killer Bean Unleashed

Killer Bean Unleashed is a 2D side-scrolling shooter that sees you control Killer Bean, an assassin who is bent on taking out the Shadow Beans agency. This menacing assassin can pick up and use different types of guns and ammunition to dispatch bad guys he crosses paths with. From the classic dual pistol that sports standard bullets to laser weaponry. This weapons master can wield these armaments and lay waste to enemy assassins on the map.

Each stage tests how well you can navigate through different platforms while shooting down enemies and avoiding their bullets. Luckily, Killer Bean is a well-trained assassin and can use a variety of jumps to scale over obstacles. He can perform a single, double, and even triple jump to clear gaps that no untrained personnel can! If you feel like adding insult to injury, you can also use Killer Bean’s jump to stomp on enemy heads!

Test Your Skills as a 2D-Shooter Assassin

There are three different game modes to choose from in PC – Story Mode, Mega Levels, and Survival Mode. Story Mode lets you play through a single-player campaign and find the truth about why the Shadow Bean agency wants you dead. Mega Levels sees you run through harder stages that have stronger enemies. Enemies in this mode pack more powerful firearms and are tougher to kill. Lastly, the Survival Mode tests how well you can last against an endless army of Shadow Bean assassins.

Each game mode gives you different mechanics that will test how well you have mastered the run-and-gun and platforming aspects of the game. Show those Shadow Bean chumps how a real assassin does their killing! Download Killer Bean Unleashed for the PC now!

Killer Bean Unleashed PC Game Features

  • Three different game modes: Story Mode, Mega Levels, and Survival Mode.
  • Over 19 different and challenging levels to complete.
  • Collect and use 12 different ammunition for your guns.
  • Unlock tons of fun power-ups.
  • Free to play.

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