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About this Game

Join a virtual mayhem in this limitless platform shooter game! Johnny Trigger – Action Shooting Game is a 2D action title that puts players in the shoes of an elite assassin with one objective: to eliminate every mafioso that would dare come his way.

Johnny Trigger PC offers brief and highly immersive levels. There’s no shortage of the challenges you can take and the things you can collect. Every corner of the game has something to offer. You must go through chaos and fight through them with a different approach and tactical solution.

Johnny Trigger – Sniper Gameplay

In Johnny Trigger, levels are divided into various scenarios. After each set (consisting of 10 levels), you have to face a boss that cannot be defeated with just a pistol and a round of bullets. However, unlocking new weapons (like snipers) and upgrading them is the key to inflict more damage.

The gameplay is fairly straightforward. Johnny runs forward non-stop and spins in the air at your command. The key is to tap or click at the right moment to shoot down and eliminate all targets. Make sure to hit the sleazeballs while being careful not to hit hostages. You are the hero in Johnny Trigger, and if you mistakenly hit an innocent character, you will be going back to square one.

Johnny Trigger: Key Game Features

  • Tons of trick shots to learn, ricochets, and explosions.
  • Choose from more than 50 unique weapons.
  • Collect numerous keys and unlock Johnny’s base rooms.
  • Amazing graphics, slow-motion effects, and banging soundtracks!
  • More than 20 skins for several undercover missions.
  • Intense and exciting boss battles.

Johnny Trigger is a well-designed 2D action game with simple and top-notch gameplay. Download Johnny Trigger – Action Shooting game on PC now for free! If you are looking for more intense action games and compelling gun fights, you might want to check out Pixel Gun 3D or Guns of Boom – Online Shooter here at!

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