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Download Landlord Tycoon Business Simulator Investing Game

Have you always wanted to try investing but don’t have the knowledge or funds to do it? Well, this game will help you experience what it’s like to be an investor. You can purchase properties and other assets that can make money for you. The game is called Landlord Tycoon Business Simulator Investing Game, a board game that’s published by Reality Games LTD. Here, you play the role of an investor trying to grow your business empire.

You will mostly start investing in real estate properties that are within your area at first. But eventually, you also get to learn about the stock market and other assets. It’s a game where you can become an apex blockchain tycoon. Let’s discuss in the next section how you can properly play this game.

Invest Your Way To Becoming Rich

When you first play, there will be a tutorial. It will teach you about the basics of investing in your first property. The game will ask you to turn on your GPS since the properties listed are based on your actual location. You can choose not to turn it on but the listings will be limited. Once you’ve seen the listings, you can see the total value of the investment and how many shares are sold.

When you see 100% shares sold, it means there aren’t any shares available for you to buy. So look for properties that still have shares. It’s worth noting that you will only start with more than $52,000, which means you can’t purchase expensive properties. So you should start first with cheaper lots that you can at least afford. to purchase a few shares with the money you have.

Once you see a property you want, you will see how many shares you can get with your money. You’d also get a glimpse of the estimated daily rental income, and the daily cost of the property. Once you buy it, all you need to do is wait for your investment to flourish. You can also choose to replenish some money with the premium currency gold coins.

But the gold coins are better spent on increasing your skills. You can increase property rent, reduce its cost, reduce taxes, increase value, and so on. It’s a fun game that will let you learn about investing and being a tycoon.

Landlord Tycoon Business Simulator Investing Game Features

  • Learn about investing in real estate and other assets.
  • Experience what it’s like to be a billionaire investor.
  • A game that is easy to learn.
  • Free-to-play PC board game.

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