Last Empire – War Z: Strategy
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Last Empire War Z Strategy – Build Your Base & Survive Fighting Zombies

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last empire war z download full version
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last empire war z download PC
last empire war z download free
last empire war z download full version
last empire war z download PC free
last empire war z download PC

Do you think you have what it takes to survive in a post-apocalyptic world that’s now run by zombies? Well, why don’t you find out in the Last Empire War Z Strategy? It’s a multiplayer strategy game published by Game Focus Network Limited where you build a base and try to survive. You get to construct and grow your base, while also building an army. The army is used to battle zombies, as well as other survivors looking to raid you for resources.

Last Empire War Z is a fun and exciting game that also gets a little competitive at times. Let’s talk about its gameplay in more detail, as well as the features you can expect from the game.

Build, Battle, & Survive

Your main goal when you play Last Empire War Z is to try and survive the post-apocalyptic world infested by the undead. You’ll be facing them and other survivors in a desolate world. These other survivors are other players in the game in real-time. Take note that your base will be just one of the many bases scattered around while trying to thrive. This is why a big part of the gameplay is about trying to build your base and become a stronger player as soon as possible.

The other important part is trying to network and build relationships with other players. Teamwork and cooperation will be important when you’re playing Last Empire War Z. And you’ll see that when we discuss how the game is played in the next section.

How to Play This Strategy Game

You won’t have trouble getting the basics of Last Empire War Z because there’s a tutorial in the beginning. It will teach the basics of base-building, as well as upgrading, building an army, and recruiting heroes to lead your army. You also get to learn about researching and upgrading, as well as taking down zombies in the open world. Though the tutorial is comprehensive, it’s not able to provide the full extent of the game.

It only provides the basics that will help you early on but will make it harder for you to progress. Last Empire War Z is a multiplayer game that happens in real-time. This means that you will always encounter players in the game, which are both good and bad. Good if you’re part of an alliance since you’ll always have an ally to help you out. Bad because it means other players can attack and raid your base.

To ensure you won’t always experience the bad, make sure you join a strong and active alliance. When you’re part of that, you are less likely to be targeted by other players.

Game Features to Enjoy

  • Build and establish a strong base and army
  • Chat and interact with other players online
  • Be part of a strong alliance and earn exclusive rewards and perks
  • A fun and exciting real-time strategy game

If you enjoy playing this kind of strategy game, then you should also check games like Conquerors 2 Glory of Sultansl or King of Avalon. Both are also fun and exciting real-time multiplayer strategy games.





How to Install

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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