Logic Master 1 – Mind Twist Download Free PC Games on Gameslol

Logic Master 1 – Mind Twist Best PC Games

Logic Master 1 – Mind Twist

Weez Beez

Logic Master 1 – Mind Twist Download Free PC Games on Gameslol

Logic Master 1 - Mind Twist PC Version | Solve Puzzles & Become A Logic Master Today


Looking for a game that teases your brain? Challenge yourself and test your logical skills with the Logic Master 1 – Mind Twist download. This is the 1st version of the game developed by Weez Beez. It may have a simple gameplay and cute gaming interface but don’t be fooled as this game is extremely mind-boggling.

This is also a game that you need if you want to kill time or boredom. As soon as you play the game, you might not realize that you’ve been playing it for hours. Highly addicting and satisfying! Undoubtedly, the Logic Master 1 – Mind Twist PC is the best logical game. Download the game now!


The Logic Master 1 – Mind Twist PC Gameplay

Playing this game is simple. All you need to do is to solve the puzzles so you can move on to the next level. But behind the simple gameplay are the challenging puzzles that you need to solve. Thus, you need to use your memory and attention and think outside the box. Without it, you’ll be staying on the same level for a long time.


Cute Graphics and Sound Effects

Moreover, the difficult puzzles definitely don’t equate to how cute and creative the hand-drawn graphics are. What’s more, it features cute sound effects that are similar to what you’ve usually heard on kids’ shows. If you were drawn to play just because of the graphics of the Logic Master – Mind Twist play, then you are pleasantly deceived.


Play Anytime, Anywhere

Besides the trickiness of the Logic Master 1 – Mind Twist play, what’s interesting is that you can play the game anytime, anywhere. You don’t need to connect to the Internet to challenge your brain. You just have to open the Logic Master – Mind Twist game to play ahead. But of course, if you want to compete against different players from around the world, you would need Internet access. So, if you want to challenge your mind or simply want to keep your mind preoccupied, go for the Logic Master 1 – Mind Twist download and play now!

Love logic and brain games? Then, there are a lot of similar games you can find here on Games.lol. Try playing Brain It On! – Physics Puzzles and Sudoku, too. Download and play them for free!

Game Download

Get ready to play!

Follow these easy steps to complete
your Logic Master 1 – Mind Twist installation.

Click the downloaded file at the bottom of your screen.
Click "Yes" on the system dialog window to start of your game installation.
Once download is completed, the game will start automatically.

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