LOST in Blue
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Volcano Force

LOST in Blue PC – The Ultimate Survival Adventure

lost in blue download PC
lost in blue download full version
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lost in blue download free
lost in blue download PC
lost in blue download full version
lost in blue download PC free
lost in blue download free

LOST in Blue PC is an action-packed survival game developed by Volcano Force. After surviving a plane crash on a strange island, players must gather resources to craft weapons and tools, build facilities and houses, and fight their way through various obstacles, including mutants and militias, to survive.

Survive and Craft on a Strange Island

For those looking to download LOST in Blue for PC, the game offers an exciting adventure set in a unique and challenging environment. To survive the island’s harsh elements and dangers, players must gather resources and create weapons and tools.

LOST in Blue PC offers a dynamic gameplay experience, allowing players to build their camps and facilities, including defensive structures such as sensory towers and arrow towers, as well as survival facilities such as vegetable patches. Players must also battle their way through various natural environments, including fiery volcanoes and freezing glaciers, and navigate the challenges of man-made obstacles like abandoned research labs and ancient underground ruins.

How to Play LOST in Blue PC – Crafting, Building, and Surviving

To play LOST in Blue PC, players must navigate their character through the island, collecting resources such as wood, rocks, and food to survive. Crafting weapons and tools is essential to progress in the game, allowing players to defend against enemies and explore the island’s different environments. Players must build camps and facilities to withstand the island’s harsh elements and challenging obstacles, using defensive structures to protect themselves from mutants and militias.

In LOST in Blue, players can team up with others to gather resources and construct camps together in multiplayer mode. Whether playing solo or with friends, LOST in Blue PC offers an exciting survival experience that will challenge players to their limits. Get set to embark on an epic adventure of discovery and survival by downloading LOST in Blue today.

The Available Features of LOST in Blue PC

  • Collect resources and create weapons and tools
  • Build camps and facilities to withstand the island’s harsh elements
  • Battle against natural environments like fiery volcanoes and freezing glaciers
  • Fight against challenging enemies such as mutants and militias
  • Discover and traverse through natural settings
  • Multiplayer mode to team up with players
  • Upgrade character to stay alive
  • Choose between PVP or PVE gameplay

Ready to experience the ultimate survival adventure? LOST in Blue is available to download on PC today from Games.lol. Time to immerse yourself in a world of crafting, building, and battling on a strange island. And if you’re looking for similar action-adventure games, check out Days After: Survival Games and Survival Simulator, available now on Games.lol. Don’t wait – start your journey to survive on a deserted island today!




How to Install

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install Games.lol on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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