Metal Waltz
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Metal Waltz - Command Metal Maidens to Win the War!

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Brace yourself as you assume the role of a commander in a world on the verge of collapse and torn apart by war. Metal Waltz takes place in an alternate dimension wherein World War II began for different reasons. Years passed by and the war continued so countries began creating weaponized and mechanized animals. With the experimentation gone awry, humanity must now fight to survive against the beasts they have created. Can you fend off the madness and defend your fellow companions in Metal Waltz?

The Immersive Storyline of Metal Waltz

Travel to the year 194X where humans created a new species combining animals and mechanical components called Beast Tanks. This new species, controlled through radio waves, possesses amazing power used for production activities and even war. Then one day, the humans lost control of these beasts. So the destruction these creatures brought to the whole world pushed humanity into an unprecedented catastrophe and a fight for survival. But hope is still alive thanks to the Metal Maidens, the byproduct of a project aimed to mechanize humans and make them even better than Beast Tanks. As the name implies, only women, while not all, can utilize the cores required for the transformation. Can you command the Metal Maidens and save the world from extinction?

An Intense War Experience on PC

Metal Waltz is a role-playing game by What’s Up Game Labs. Here, you will take the role of a commander. You will have to recruit, train, then fight alongside your chosen team of Metal Maidens. Furthermore, there are two types of technology used to create these new creatures. One is “Body Modification” wherein a core is implanted into a woman’s body to greatly surpass human limits and pave the way for neural networks to control external armors. The second is “Attires” or armored combat suits that can be worn to provide new capabilities to the wearer.

Discover the real reason behind why Beast Tanks have gone berserk and upend their existence. At the same time, choose from over 150 Metal Maidens to recruit. Moreover, interact with them through a Live2D animation with brilliant voiceovers. Lastly, improve your weapons arsenal through crafting and upgrades.

Metal Waltz Game Features

  • Live2D animation and interactions with in-game characters
  • Over 150 Metal Maidens to collect through the recent version
  • Appropriate ammunition used for different tank types
  • An engrossing storyline with special hidden maps to discover
  • Form a team composed of tanks from different classes
  • Craft and upgrade your items and Metal Maidens
  • Forge, trade, or purchase goods with in-game currency or real money

So are you up for the challenge? Start recruiting and training your Metal Maidens now to form an unrivaled team that could save the world! Play Metal Waltz and other role-playing game titles only here at! Download and play Genshin Impact or Elf Tales on your PC, too.




How to Install

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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