Micro RPG
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Micro RPG PC – Enjoy Playing This Fun Action-Packed PC Game

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If you want to play an interesting role-playing game with unique gameplay, then you should try Micro RPG. It’s an action-packed role-playing game that’s published by Jolipirate. In this game, monsters are invading the kingdom. Unfortunately, all the knights are on vacation, which means it’s up to the small peasant, Theobald, to save the kingdom. You’ll have to help Theobald exchange his spade for a sword, and save the kingdom.

But it won’t be easy to do that. The Micro RPG game is fun and entertaining to play, especially with its unique gameplay. Let’s discuss further in the next section how you can play Micro RPG.

Learning How to Play Micro RPG

Like with any RPG, there’s going to be a short introduction to the story of Micro RPG. It will just show you in short comic strips why Theobald is tasked with saving the kingdom. After that, you immediately proceed to the battle sequence. Unlike many RPGs, there won’t be a tutorial about the battle sequence in Micro RPG. But that’s okay since it’s easy to figure out how the battle sequence will go.

During a battle in Micro RPG, Theobold is placed in the center. There’s a gauge that’s rotating in a circular motion around him. Enemies will come towards Theobold and you have to try and destroy them before they come near. To do that, you just have to time when the gauge will stop on the group of enemies coming at you. You just tap on Theobold and the gauge will stop at the area it passed by when you tap.

Sounds easy right? You have to be good at timing the stop in Micro RPG. If the gauge happens to stop at an area where there are no enemies to attack, Theobold won’t do anything. Though Theobold is the main hero here, other heroes will soon become available. And like with other RPGs, you also get to equip and upgrade weapons to make your character stronger.

Micro RPG is a fun and unique RPG that you will enjoy playing. You won’t regret downloading and playing this action-packed game.

Micro RPG PC Gameplay Features

  • Unique and interesting gameplay
  • Many different quests to complete
  • Equip different weapons for your heroes
  • Upgrade equipment to strengthen your heroes

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