Moy 5 – Virtual Pet Game
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Moy 5 - Virtual Pet Game - Play & Take Care Of Your Pet

moy 5 pet game download free
moy 5 pet game download full version
moy 5 pet game download PC free
moy 5 pet game download PC
moy 5 pet game download free
moy 5 pet game download full version
moy 5 pet game download PC free
moy 5 pet game download PC

If you want to teach your kids about taking care of pets, one game you can make them play is Moy 5 – Virtual Pet Game by Frojo Apps. It’s a pet care simulation game where they can take care of a cute pet. It provides kids with the basic things that they need to do in taking care of pets like feeding, cleaning, and playing. What kids, and even adults, will enjoy with this game is that it also features a dress-up and building portion.

It’s a fun and awesome way for your kids to learn how to take care of pets and for adults to enjoy a simple game. Let’s learn more about the gameplay of Moy 5 online and what the game offers.

Nurture Moy In this Virtual Pet Game

You and your kid’s main objective in the virtual pet game Moy 5 online is to nurture your pet. The game features many different activities to do to complete this objective. There’s feeding Moy with different types of food or giving your virtual pet a nice and refreshing bath. You can also help your pet sleep and recover some energy. You can also play games with your pet to keep them happy. Playing games involves playing the various mini-games available.

The games in Moy 5 are divided into categories, to make it easier to identify and select the mini-games you or your kids will play. What’s great about the mini-games is that you can earn coins from them. Coins are important because you will need them to buy food. You’ll also use it to buy clothes to use when you customize your pet’s appearance. The coins are also used in getting building blocks and building your pet’s castle.

What to Do in Taking Care of Your Virtual Pet in Moy 5 Online

There are plenty of activities that you’ll do to take care of your virtual pet in Moy 5. When you hatch the egg, the first thing you’ll do is name your pet. You can choose to stick to the name Moy or provide your preference. After that, you bathe Moy, feed him, and then tuck him into bed. After that, Moy will become big and you can start doing various things. There won’t be a gauge that will tell you what Moy needs, but your virtual pet will let you know what it wants to do.

Moy won’t eat if he’s not hungry, so you can play with him instead or bathe him. You can also choose to customize Moy’s appearance or his room. You can also just watch Moy do his thing, as he will provide life-like expressions or do silly things. He will provide virtual stickers as he does silly things. Moy 5 also features multiplayer gameplay where you can play with up to four friends in real time. Enjoy taking care of pets together or playing mini-games.

Moy 5 Online Game Features

  • Many different activities for you to do with your virtual pet
  • 45 different mini-games to play
  • Collect virtual stickers as your pet does silly things
  • Enjoy the life-like emotions of your virtual pet
  • Customize your pet with different clothing or your pet’s room

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How to Install

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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