My Elemental Girlfriend: Anime
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Genius Studio Japan Inc.

My Elemental Girlfriend - Experience Love & Magic with Three Spirit Girls

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My Elemental Girlfriend by Genius Studio Japan Inc. is an engaging and charming bishoujo game that blends fantasy elements with the trials of high school life. The game offers a unique anime-style romantic adventure where players find themselves in the unexpected company of three spirit girls, each representing a classic element – fire, water, and earth.

Embark on a Mystical Journey with Elemental Spirits

The story begins with the protagonist, a typical underdog at school, encountering a near-death experience only to awaken to a surprising scene: three elemental spirit girls in need of help. These spirits – Laman, Udie, and Canon – have been ejected from their world and require the collection of special stones to return. Intrigued and somewhat skeptical, the protagonist agrees to help, thinking it’s all a dream. However, the reality sets in when he wakes up to find them still present in his life. What follows is an adventurous journey filled with emotional growth, challenges, and the potential for romance.

In My Elemental Girlfriend, the player encounters three unique spirit characters: Laman the Fire Spirit is lively and impulsive, struggling to control her powers, seeking the player’s help for self-discovery. Meanwhile, Udie the Water Spirit combines a caring nature with a mysterious aloofness, inviting players to explore the secrets behind her guarded demeanor. Lastly, Canon the Earth Spirit, a shy and gentle figure, looks to the player for support in overcoming her power control issues, seeing Udie as a role model. Each spirit presents a distinct journey of personal growth and challenges within the game’s narrative.

Shape Your Romance and Adventure in My Elemental Girlfriend

My Elemental Girlfriend offers a rich narrative with multiple choices that influence the story’s direction and the relationships with the characters. The game combines elements of fantasy, romance, and personal growth, making it an entertaining and heartwarming experience. Players navigate through dialogues and make decisions that affect the outcome of the story, leading to different endings based on their choices.

My Elemental Girlfriend: Anime

  • Engaging bishoujo game blending fantasy and high school life
  • Unique anime-style romantic adventure
  • Story involves helping three spirit girls, each representing fire, water, and earth
  • Spirits need to collect special stones to return to their world
  • Laman is lively but struggles with power control
  • Narrative driven by player choices affecting story direction and relationships
  • Multiple endings based on decisions made in the game

Ready for an unforgettable journey into a world where romance meets fantasy? Then dive into My Elemental Girlfriend now and experience the thrill of helping three enchanting spirit girls on their quest. But are you looking for more? Explore similar enthralling simulation games like My Foxy Girlfriend Dating Sim and My Rental Girlfriend on So play on your PC for an enhanced experience. Get lost in a universe of romantic choices and intriguing narratives.




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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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