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My Town: Police Station – Enjoy Learning About The Police Station

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my town police car garage
my town police helicopter
my town police jail house
my town police station people

Does your kid dream of becoming a policeman? Or are they curious about what’s usually in the police station? Well, there’s a great game that can help you show them what is inside a police station and it’s titled My Town: Police Station. It’s a casual educational game published by My Town Games Ltd. It’s a game where players get a fully functioning police station to play with.

The game is a virtual doll, where you get to simulate whatever situations that you’d feel like creating. You’ll have access to different characters that will allow you to create various scenarios. Let’s discuss in more detail how this game is played so you’ll see how great it is.

Educational Policeman Games for Your Kids

Since this game is like a virtual dollhouse, there won’t be a tutorial. It’s a game where anything goes. It will start outside the police station with a kid outside. As a dollhouse, the kid won’t do anything, but you can move her around the area. The great thing about the police station is that it’s functional. If you tap on the entrance, the sliding door will open and you can enter.

On the right side of the station is the training area for the K9 dogs. Inside the police station is where you can see the prison cell. It’s the area where the mug shot is taken and the desks of the policemen. The station will be empty, but you can add people inside by tapping on their icon at the upper left.

You can add a police officer, a crook, a detective, and so on. The prison cell is locked, but you can open it using the key found near the policemen’s desks. This floor will provide you with various scenarios that you can create and simulate. There’s even an alarm that you can activate that will instantly put the station in lockdown, preventing everyone from leaving. To the right of the first floor is where you can find the garage.

You can customize the police car a bit, change tires, the sirens, and so on. From the garage, you can also access the roof where the police helicopter is found. It’s also a functioning helicopter so you can play around and teach your kids about it. On the second floor of the station is where you can find the evidence room. You can see that this game is very fun and exciting to play.

Fun Educational Gameplay Features

  • Enjoy playing a complete police station dollhouse.
  • Use different characters to simulate different scenarios.
  • Connect with other My Town games.
  • Optimized for free PC gameplay.

If you’re looking for more casual games to play with your kids, Central Hospital Stories or My Town Firefighter. Both are fun and educational dollhouses that your kids will also enjoy playing with. Download our client for a more optimized gaming experience.




How to Install

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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