My Pretend Hospital – Kids Hospital Town Life Download Free PC Games on Gameslol

My Pretend Hospital – Kids Hospital Town Life Best PC Games

My Pretend Hospital – Kids Hospital Town Life

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My Pretend Hospital – Kids Hospital Town Life Download Free PC Games on Gameslol

My Pretend Hospital Kids Hospital Town Life | Free Game Download on PC


My Pretend Hospital opens up the world of hospital life for kids! If your kid wants to become a doctor when they grow up, this game serves as a very fun and interactive way to get them to learn all about being in a hospital! Explore different rooms and check out what each object does! Meet various people inside the hospital including doctors, nurses, patients and visitors. Don’t be shy; they’re all more than welcome to meet you! There are over 24 characters in total; can you find them all?

Additionally, My Pretend Hospital is a mini open-world game that lets you do whatever you want, whenever you want. There are no mission objectives to accomplish, with no patients to save. In other words, that means there are no Game Overs here! Explore as much as you can in this children’s hospital and open your mind into the beauty of Medicine! Play My Pretend Hospital Kids Hosptial Town Life for free on PC. Download it here!


Meet the Hospital Staff in My Pretend Hospital

As soon as you walk in the entrance, doctors and nurses will greet you with a warm welcome! They will introduce to you the different rooms inside the hospital and will even tell you some basics about healthcare.


Discover Different Rooms and Fiddle with Objects

Whether you’re in the Staff Lounge, Lobby or Radiology, you will find almost limitless objects to interact with! Check out how the x-ray works, test the reflexes of your patient but tapping his kneecap with a small mallet or hear a patient’s heartbeat! Feeling tired? Why not sit down in the lobby and watch some kiddie shows on the tv? Overall, you can visit all these rooms and people as many times as you want because the game has no endings!

Time to download My Pretend Hospital Kids Hospital Town Life free game on PC! For more fun kids games, play Angry Birds or Baby Games today!

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Once download is completed, the game will start automatically.

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