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Order Please! -Draw&Story Game – Write Customers’ Order & Serve

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order please pc download
order please gameplay on pc
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Enjoy an entertaining and awesome simulation game in Order Please! -Draw&Story Game. It’s a simple game where you play as a waiter and takes customers’ orders. You will write down their orders on your order slip and then provide what they’re asking for. This game is interesting because it also features a compelling story that unfolds as you play. Let’s discuss in more detail how you will play Order Please! to know what you need to do.

Write Customer’s Orders in Order Please!

One thing that makes Order Please! is different from other restaurant games in that you can write. Writing is a big part of the gameplay. Whenever you take a customer’s order, you can write it down on their order slip. You can choose not to do that, but it’s not advisable. You might forget what your customer ordered, especially for big orders.

When you write it down, you can look back at it to ensure you got the right order. Aside from writing customers’ orders, you will also use your pen in the story part of the game. You will use it to trace the letters, objects, or items. The story aspect of Order Please! is also an interesting feature. It makes playing the game more fun. You can also customize your waitress, outfits, and appearance, which is great.

Take & Serve Orders While Playing the Story

The main gameplay of Order Please! is the restaurant gameplay. Most of the time, you’ll take orders and serve food. It’s a simple and easy gameplay that will require a good memory. You need to pay attention and remember what your customers are ordering. It’s not unusual for your customers to mention their next orders while you’re still writing their first orders. There’s no time limit to writing, so you can take as much time as you want.

Then you press the food that they ordered on the machine. It will automatically be served, and you complete the day if you serve the right food. As for the story, it will be incorporated into the restaurant aspect of the game. It’s a love story where you’ll meet a good man while working. This is where the other writing stuff will come in. You’ll trace words, objects, or items to complete the scene. You earn cash whenever you complete a day, and you can use that to unlock accessories in Order Please!.

The Features The Simulation Game Has

  • Write customers’ orders
  • Serve the right food to make customers happy
  • Play the compelling story aspect of the game
  • Earn cash and unlock accessories
  • Experience the life of the waitress outside the restaurant

There are good games if you enjoy playing this simulation game but are looking for more serious restaurant gameplay. You can check out My Cooking Game or My Café – Restaurant Game. Both are fun restaurant games to play.




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